Friday, November 6, 2015

The Power of Words - Healthy Living with Dr. Bernie Siegel

I was blessed to share an hour with Bernie Siegel, MD aka bernie and my CD (Chosen Dad) last week on his radio show, Mind Health Matters on radio.

I first heard about bernie from an earth angel nurse at Brigham and Women's Hospital where I was hospitalized for a bone infection in my shoulder joint back in the 80's. He has been my coach and my Chosen Dad (a phrase used by a woman whose life he helped save through Love) since then he has been my coach through many challenges.

We hadn't talked in quite some time but as happens with dear friends, it was as though no time had passed.

We reminisced about marathon stories and signs. He ran the NYC Marathon for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Initially when he was asked to raise money and run a marathon he said he would make a donation but his friend was rather persistent. So true to bernie, as he lined up on the Verrazano Bridge, he found a quarter. He thought to himself, if I find another penny I know that I'll have enough to go the 26.2 miles. When he got to Brooklyn, he spotted a penny in the street. He went off to the side to make sure he wouldn't get trampled and at just the right moment, he picked up the penny. Before I ran the 2009 Boston Marathon, he told me to look for the penny. It would be a sign that he and God would be with me. Sure enough in Wellesley at the halfway point of the marathon, there was my penny from bernie and God.

I was so honored and warmed to hear bernie read excerpts from my poems and to be able to share with him the power of poetry in my life and where I am today in my journey; how last December I was told I shouldn't run anymore and how I was blessed to meet Dr. Ryan Means, a chiropractor who told me I must read "You Are The Placebo," by Dr. Joe Dispenza. Coincidentally bernie writes on the back cover of Dr. Joe's book, "From my experience with patients with life-threatening illnesses, I have learned the truth as shared in You Are the Placebo. The body experiences what the mind believes...We all have the potential for self-induced healing built into us. The key is to know how to achieve your potential. Read and learn."

We talked about the potential that each of us possesses.

Words are powerful. They can be used to create and as I sat in a leg brace using a wheelchair at times for mobility, through the power of my pen I created a runner even though I had never run a day in my life. I wrote the poem Running the Race. Poetry poured out of me as I imagined, dreamed and visualized myself as healthy, happy and whole.

My poems asked the question how will I ever reclaim my life and expressed a profound desire to run unencumbered and free.

I was searching for someone who would be able to partner with me to heal everything that went before and found my way to Dr. Ryan J. Means, a healer chiropractor.

Through the power of his skilled positive touch and powerful intention with words that heal, I AM healing all that went before - all the horror, all the violence - all of it so I can run unencumbered and free and live a life overflowing gratitude with miracles.

bernie asked me how, after being abused, I was able to trust again and let in the power of positive touch. I shared with him my journey from body worker to body worker until I finally found my way to Dr. Ryan. God saved the best for last.

In one of my poems I write about Our Greatest Teacher:

Our Greatest Teacher

It’s easy to attach to pain
the angst
the anger
the suffering
squeezing Spirit into smaller and smaller spaces
losing sight of light
embodying pain
nerves frayed
teeth on edge chattering with fear
descending deeper and deeper into the abyss

a healer appears
a spark of love to illuminate
to heal
but first to learn

Pain – our greatest teacher
accept the sorrow
release the shame
courage and strength to face death
emerge from the shadows
allow pain to be
this too shall pass

with each blow my heart breaks open like a piƱata
the soul’s treasures found
naked and vulnerable
fully clothed in Divine Love

appreciation and a grateful heart
sweet rewards in this delicious delightful life
peace joy and freedom
when the test is finally past.

bernie and I talked about the tests I had to pass to arrive in this moment and how poetry and positive touch have been powerful healing agents in my life. We blessed each other and felt deep gratitude for the time we spent together. It was sacred time,inspired time and I know a time that touched the hearts and lives of all who listened.

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