Saturday, November 21, 2015

Ten Terrific Miles - Learning to Trust My Body - Right on Hereford Left on Boylston

Well it may not be the greatest pleasure in life but it sure was amazing and gratifying to get out there and run TEN terrific miles today. Unlike last week there was no headwind but I didn't want to "just" run around our reservoirs. I needed to get out on the open road and simulate running on a course. We chose a course that is so much more challenging than the run we will be running at the Bermuda Marathon Weekend. We ran from our house to the finish line of the Boston Marathon and back again. There are rolling hills out and back. The weather was glorious today with the sun shining and moderate temperatures. Definitely a gift for November 21st. I remember this time last year we ran in driving snow and a slushy road as we were training to run the Boston Volvo Village 5K on Thanksgiving day.

So much has changed from last year. I have a magnificent muscular therapist in Jeffrey Spratt,MT, Owner and Principal of Spratt Muscular Therapies, LLC to partner with me; a therapist who believes in possibility and potential and the body's tremendous capacity to heal.

Several years ago I dreamed about running the Bermuda Marathon. It was on my bucket list. I looked at photos and the race website and talked about running it for my 60th birthday. I felt it in every fiber of my being and knew how amazing it would feel to experience running in Bermuda after having traveled there in a leg brace and wheelchair in 2007. And then I let go of the dream. I didn't believe it was possible for me to run long and strong again. Because I didn't believe in the possibility, I found myself surrounded by people who were telling me I couldn't and shouldn't run long again; that I shouldn't run at all.

The dream was dormant but never died. I sat in Ryan J. Means, DC office getting my knee taped after the blessings of a knee injury in December. I remembered how it felt to train for and run the 2009 Boston Marathon. I felt that familiar flutter in my soul and the spark was lit as I looked into Ryan's deep blue eyes and he asked me, "Why are you setting a limit on yourself?"

He gave me all the tools and guidance I needed for a successful training program to once again go the distance. Jeffrey and I partner together each week with advanced sports massage therapy and the Spratt Method. While working out the areas of stress and tension and restoring balance to my body, mind and Soul, he infuses my body with a sense of confidence, trust and strength. It's in the way he handles my body and the way he manages any powerful emotions that surface with a grounded compassionate presence. With each treatment, I am transformed moving beyond events from the past and even current events in my life that have been extremely challenging.

My right IT band got very tight during today's run. I had a lot of strong sensations in many different parts of my body as we ran the longest distance I have run since April 20, 2009. In the past I would have doubted and been fearful that something untoward was happening in my body and that I could be injured again. Since partnering first with Ryan and now with Jeffrey, I know that I have the ability to harness the power of my mind and the Divine power within me to work with my body rather than in opposition and fear to it.

I remembered how Jeffrey lifted my right leg during the treatment putting a gentle fist into my gluts as he stretched and did a range of motion of my right leg. I invoked the memory of how he works on my legs and I could feel the tightness dissipate.

Rather than my thoughts going to, "Oh no something is going to happen" to what can I do to bring ease and comfort to my body in this moment. I was fortunate to hear Jeffrey's presentation to the John Hancock Employees 2016 Boston Marathon team, "Your Boston Marathon: Tips For Getting to the Finish Line Healthy and Happy." So much of what he said stayed with me especially making the distinction between Good Pain and Bad Pain.

During the training run, Tom and I were talking about where I was a year ago. The massage therapist I was working with said to me, "Right now your right leg is leading the dance and your left leg is just going along. I am waiting for your left leg to speak to me."

Well did it ever and while it was painful and I went through a time of incredible uncertainty making my way back to my healing path, what an amazing day today. Ten Terrific Miles. Running along the Boston Marathon route and once again taking that right on Hereford and Left on Boylston. I can trust in my body because I can harness the power of my mind and am partnering with a master muscular therapist. I am going the distance counting down 54 days to Bermuda!

Don't ever let your dreams die!

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