Monday, November 9, 2015

Remember to Remember & Live As If Your Prayers Are Already Answered

During this morning's meditation, the phrase "Remember to remember" came to me. Remember who we are at our very essence and to remember to tap into that connection when things look like the wheels may be falling off the wagon.

There is going to be a replay of Project Coherence next Sunday and I'm looking forward to tapping into the Divine and the feelings of expansiveness that I was able to access during the meditation feeling the beauty, wonder and awe of being connected to 4000 souls across the globe. Whenever I meditate and whenever I meditate with Tom or a community I remember something far greater than myself yet that is the Force that is right inside of myself and each of us that we can all tap into when we step aside and allow the magic to happen.

During my meditation I remembered an incredible moment with Dr. Ryan Means or Dr. Ryan as he likes to be called. He was helping me recover from my knee injury earlier this year and was using the Graston Technique on my feet. I made a strong nonverbal comment and he asked me if he was using too much pressure.

"No," I said emphatically. "I just remembered how it felt to train for and run a marathon."

Ryan smiled and his eyes sparkled.

His hands reignited the spark within me to set goals not limits.

I remembered!

And here I am steadily moving forward to the Bermuda Marathon Weekend in January.

By all appearances I should have hung up my running shoes or capped my distance at a 5K. After working with Ryan and now Ryan sending me positive energy from across the miles in China, meditating with gratitude and runner affirmations, the love and support of my village along with me reminding myself to remember to remember, I will soon be in double digits in miles.

It's easy to get swept up in the fear and the nay sayers of the medical community. It's easy to forget the power that we have inside of us.

But when we remember to remember, all things are possible despite outward appearances.

Through my poetry, through my unconscious speaking through the power of my pen - my divining rod of healing - I was creating health, wholeness, running unencumbered and free and reclaiming my life. I did not know the who,how, when, what or where it was going to happen but I lived as if my prayers were already answered - and now they are!

I was searching on YouTube for the song It's Possible from Cinderella and instead this clip from a talk by Dr. Joe Dispenza popped up:

Remember to remember! The Universe is always speaking to us especially when we live as if our prayers are already answered.

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