Sunday, November 29, 2015

Countdown to Bermuda: 10.5 Miles in the Rain - Nothing Can Stop Me Now

It was raining and we knew we had to deposit 10.5 miles in the Bank of Bermuda as we count down to the Bermuda Marathon Weekend. The race is 50 days away but it's only 47 days until race weekend! The weather forecast called for sunny skies today and it is indeed sunny but it could rain on race day and we need to be well trained in all sorts of weather.

Fortunately I had bought new socks and they kept my feet toasty and dry through the first 7 miles or so. I'll be keeping a pair in reserve fresh for race day.

It was sheer will and determination that got me through those 10.5 miles yesterday. My left foot, ankle and shin were hurting. I realized that I had tied my shoe too tight for the weather conditions and stopped to loosen it up. When you get this close to race day, it's easy to start worrying about what if's but I replaced those thoughts of worry with affirmations of my body's tremendous capacity to heal and recover.

For some reason, my Nike+ did not turn on my playlist so our soundtrack for the run became our conversation and the sound of raindrops falling on our head and in the puddles. The scene was majestic as rain drops bounced in the Reservoir.

Our pants, marathon training jackets and Janji hats held us in good stead. I was stunned to feel the weight of our clothes as we peeled off layers once we got back home.

Instead of an ice bath, I took a warm Epsom Salts bath for recovery after icing my knees and quads and then post bath, elevated my left foot and iced it while doing ankle circles. (Thank you Dr. Ryan for reminding me that it's not just RICE but MICE - Movement, Ice, Compression and Elevation).

We feasted on a delicious post long run meal of farm fresh eggs, chevre on bagels with lox, (compliments of Autumn and Michelle from Diggers Bend Farm), juice and bananas:

I have all the tools I need now to go the distance mind, body and Spirit. I am deeply grateful to my running and life partner, Tom, who runs with me week in and week out at my pace and wholeheartedly supports every step of my training for my first half marathon since 2009. He literally and figuratively cheers me on and tells me how proud he is of me for going the distance.

After 10.5 miles in the rain, I know in every fiber of my being that nothing can stop me now!

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