Thursday, September 10, 2015

Going the Distance: My Left Leg - I AM The Placebo

After a week of intense training, I was sore yesterday. My left knee was a little swollen. My first thought was, "Oh I wish Dr. Ryan were here to tape my knee again." He is a chiropractor in China now. But then I remembered what I read in Dr. Joe Dispenza's book, "You Are the Placebo," a book Dr. Ryan recommended to me. I have the power to change my body through thoughts alone. I've done it so many many times throughout my life and most recently during these past 8 years after being told I "had" "post polio syndrome," a progressive neuromuscular disease. Dr. Bernie Siegel was the first one to help me harness the power of my mind and Love to heal back in the 1980's.

Before I started reading "You Are the Placebo, Dr. Ryan sent me an email with an image from this page from the book that says, "Changing the body by thought alone" with an explanation of how thoughts create a new body:

I have it on our refrigerator with a magnet that says "We Can Do It!"

So I elevated my legs, iced and visualized while also remembering the rigors of this week's training.

The body achieves what the mind believes and so rather than remembering how I have felt in the past, I am creating a new present and a new future. It's a gift I am giving to myself.

I allow the pain from the past to surface and move through bringing new clear energy to flow and remove the blocked energy from polio, rape and surgeries. I remind myself that the only soreness I need to experience is that which comes with training for a marathon. I deserve this now. I am rewiring my brain from one who experienced unrelenting violence, intimidation and humiliation to claiming my birth right as a beautiful, free, intelligent, insanely talented and determined woman.

I no longer need to carry the burdens of the past with me. I am developing a new relationship with my left leg. It is healed!

This morning my knee hurt and so I went into my morning meditation. I could feel the energy flow and I could feel my left leg release. I remembered the treatments from Dr. Ryan and how the taping stimulated the flow of energy and I used my mind to re-experience those wonderful experiences.

I cry from the depths of my soul as I write this saying goodbye to all that went before. I feel the stirrings deep in my soul that I create a new left leg and a new me.

It's been an amazing week of training. 7.5 sweet savory miles, Hill Training and maintaining cross training in the pool and strength training on land.

And you know what? I can have total confidence that me and my left leg and all of me is going the distance. I am the placebo! Total healing is mine. Say hello to the new me! I feel great in my own skin shedding the skin of my past. I affirm that I am healthy, whole, and strong.

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