Thursday, September 3, 2015

Going the Distance: It Takes a Village

One of my dear Facebook friends shared with us that her mother made her transition last week. They had a beautiful tribute run to her mom who would sit on the porch of their house and wave back to the runners as they ran and waved by. My friend posted about how her running village is supporting her and helping her to get through the grieving process. One evening she was supposed to do a track workout but just needed to go out on a long run. A few of her friends accompanied her on the run. She has some challenging races coming up and she knows she can go the distance with the love and support of her village in real life and through the FB running community.

I am blessed to have her be a part of my village.

We runners are a rare breed. Your pace, your distance, none of it matters!

Last Saturday I set the send me cheers option on my Nike+. I thought that all that happens is people comment on your Facebook status. I had no idea that you actually get cheers to hear while you are out on your run. Knowing that my Facebook friends were cheering me on gave me such a boost along the way.

Runners share a common passion; a common understanding. We know the healing power of lacing up our shoes and going out on a run. In March of 2011 after my nephew took his life, I went out on a run. Somehow that stone of grief that weighs heavily upon our chest lightens when we go out on a run. We share our grief with our community and the crushing pain of grief becomes manageable.

Just as it says in the Bible, A sorrow shared is a sorrow divided; a joy shared is a joy multiplied....Our victories are made so much sweeter when we share our latest run or race with our village. While running may seem like a "solitary" sport, it's really all about being part of the running community!

I know that as I train for my first half marathon since 2009, I am going to go the distance because I have an incredible village surrounding me and am blessed to be able to lend my heart, energy and enthusiasm to my village.

Going the distance? It takes a village and we runners are a very special village indeed!

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