Saturday, January 9, 2016

Countdown to Bermuda: The Power of Positive Vibes

My dear friend and fellow badass runner Susan Stirrat posted in our Facebook group, Badasses Kicking Butt,"I am running the mile this Sunday in Purth Amboy, NJ at the New Jersey Championship Indoor Track Meet. Please send good vibes my way!" A discussion followed about how it helps when people send positive energy your way.

I'll say.

When I ran the 2009 Boston Marathon I had a whole posse of positive energy and prayers fueling my 26.2 miles.

I love giving and receiving positive energy to our running village. My joy is multiplied as I share in the accomplishments of others and intensified as others cheer me on in my 13.1 quest in Bermuda next Sunday.

Does it make a difference when good vibes are sent?

My friend Dr. Rick Leskowitz wrote a book and made a movie about this very subject: "The Joy of Sox: Weird Science and the Power of Intention: Sports, spirituality and science come together at the old ballgame."

They partnered with The Heart Math Institute and other scientific research centers who study energy and how the collective consciousness can affect change in ourselves and in the world.

Recently Dr. Joe Dispenza held a Global Meditation. Tom and I were blessed to be a part of it and I wrote about it in my blog.

From Dr. Joe's blog:
We are all bound by an invisible field of energy that lies beyond space and time. So, when we go into heart coherence we’re actually sending out a measurable magnetic signal to the field. Furthermore, we have the ability to adjust the message we are sending. Remember, all frequency carries information. Thus, by changing our energy and becoming heart centered, and then focusing our thoughts with intention, we change the information that is sent and received. On an individual level we all can project a feeling of gratitude and have the energy associated with that elevated emotion carry a specific message and have it spread beyond just the self.

I am so blessed to be a part of this amazing running village where we use the power of positive vibes to help those who are injured heal, to hold the intention for whatever the goal is for a particular race and to share the love, gratitude and joy of running; of setting goals that challenge and triumphing over the challenge going the distance time and time again.

I feel surrounded by so much love and support as I countdown to Bermuda. Susan posted this in response to my Countdown to Bermuda:Mental Toughness Blog: Mary, you remind me of Reno.. So tough, so positive and so focused. You have given this 100%. Now you will run this race the same way you trained for it, with focus and mental toughness. I know you will also run it with joy. Her husband Reno is an elite runner who has set many records including being one of 31 people who have logged a sub-3:00 marathon for five decades in a row. What an honor and blessing to be compared to him!

My friend Bill McCabe whose aptly nicknamed Wolf in the running community; he ran 7 marathons on 7 continents and raised money for Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor Marc Fucarile posted this on Facebook today:

First Annual Awards Dinner for Mary & Tom McManus before she runs her half marathon in the Bermuda Triangle
Go Mary & Tom a winning Team.
Best of Luck

My dear friend Nicole Berglund is running her first 26.2, the Houston Marathon next Sunday and we have been basking in the giving and receiving of positive vibes from each other and surrounded by our village.

I know that when Team McManus toes the line a week from tomorrow, we will be feeling the power of positive vibes from our village near and far. For now, I will be sending positive vibes to Susan and Reno tomorrow as they compete in their events.

Is there power in positive vibes? I hope I answered that question beyond a shadow of a doubt.

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