Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Countdown to Bermuda: It's Here - 6 months in the making!

So wouldn't it have been enough for me to return to Bermuda healthy and whole and enjoy the Island free from a leg brace and from the shackles of the past?


Or as Mark Twain said:

Ever since I left my 20 year award winning career at the VA to heal my life, I have been on a mission - for myself and to deliver a message of healing, hope and possibility to others. There have been peaks and valleys along the way on this healing journey and now I am on a steady course of healing. I was working hard to heal but until I met Dr. Ryan, a healer chiropractor and Jeffrey Spratt, MT, Owner and Principal of Spratt Muscular Therapies, I could not get traction on my healing journey.

From the first moments I experienced the Spratt Method and Jeffrey's touch I knew there was great possibility for healing. In today's treatment as Jeffrey gave me the final tune up for Bermuda, we were talking about that first treatment. I loved how he was and is humble and set out with me to see what might be possible. As my dear friend and sole sister Nicole Berglund said after reading my earlier blog post today, "On Sunday, you set a new standard of what's possible."

And so here I am - nine months since partnering with Jeffrey and 6 months since I started training for the Bermuda Half Marathon. I've trained mind, body and soul. I've visualized, meditated, journaled and worked harder, trained harder and smarter than I ever have before - even harder than when I trained for Boston 2009.

I am surrounded with so much love, support and excitement from my village.

Countdown to Bermuda - it's here and tomorrow I'm leaving on a jet plane. And when I return I will be bringing home the gold!

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