Friday, January 22, 2016

Bermuda Marathon Weekend: When Success is the Only Option

Despite taper madness and pre-race jitters I knew that success was my only option going into the Bermuda Half Marathon. Team McManus trained well and we trained hard. I trained with intention and focus undeterred by doubts, fears and the beliefs from my past.

This morning on Facebook Denise, who lives in Kentucky and was our plane mate from Boston to Bermuda along with her husband Ken, posted this on Facebook:
This couple sat with us on the plane to Boston, then I discovered our bib numbers were sequential, then we ran into them Friday night. Mary McManus has overcome so much to be at this starting line. I was determined to find her and wish her well the morning of the race, she had been in my thoughts and prayers the night before. I'm so glad I found them and that they are now in my world.

Thank you Denise! I did overcome so much to get to that starting line and was so blessed to go mile for mile with my running and life partner Tom.

I defied the odds of what my knee MRI showed and defied the advice of the doctor, the physical therapists and even my former massage therapist. I defied the diagnosis of post polio syndrome and the effects that paralytic polio and violence took on my body.

And what glorious sweet rewards as I focused on success being my only option.

I was blessed to experience a race course where each panoramic vista was more breathtaking than the one before.

We reconnected with old friends on the Island and made new friends.

There was magic, mysticism, synchronicity and so much joy.

On Wednesday I did strength training and began to increase reps and time for holding plank.

I believed with my entire Being that success was my only option and now I believe that success for complete healing is mine.

Every finish line is a starting line ....

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