Thursday, January 21, 2016

Bermuda Marathon Weekend: That Moment When

That moment when you are feeling serious pre-race jitters and trying to calm your nerves when the woman of the couple you flew with from Boston to Bermuda comes up to you at the starting line of the Bermuda Marathon and says, "Hey there. I was determined to find you this morning. What are the chances that we would have our bib numbers in sequence?" So you just have to take a selfie:

I was a little stunned to say the least.

"I was on Instagram and looked for the #runbermuda. I saw the pictures you posted."

"What? I deactivated my Instagram account yesterday because I was frustrated and couldn't figure out how to use it."

"You Instagram account is linked to Facebook so what you posted there automatically went to Instagram," Tom explained to me.

"So I saw your photos and I found out about you and I said prayers for your health last night and wished you a wonderful run but I was determined to find you this morning."

You get home and discover a Facebook message from her with this photo that her husband snapped at the starting line:

From the moment we met on the plane, through another "chance" meeting on Front Street to that moment at the starting line...yeah that moment!

That moment when you meet someone in the Bermuda Airport from Reading Massachusetts who is training for Boston and runs the Hyannis Half to train for Boston. You become Facebook friends and when you post the video from the start on Facebook he lets you know that he is the person in the sunglasses and blue t shirt standing right in front of you at the start...yeah that moment.

That moment you hobble up the stairs to The Pickled Onion with your race medal sharing in the excitement of crossing the finish line

with a community of racers and locals enjoying brunch and you ask Samantha, the manager of The Pickled Onion if it would be possible to get a bag of ice to put on your legs. She brings two beautifully wrapped ice packs done with so much care and love. Yeah that amazing moment.

There were so many "that moment when..." that happened during Bermuda Marathon Weekend but I'm going to leave you with this last one for now. That moment when what was on your bucket list for 3 years and what you always dreamed about but weren't quite sure it would or could ever happen - of going through the airport with race bling - comes into reality and you've had the most magical weekend of your life ...

Yeah - that moment when you know in every fiber of your being you are now off the sidelines and there is only momentum in moving forward in this amazing journey of healing and transformation.

Yeah that moment!

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