Monday, October 26, 2015

Our Cape Cod Runcation - Part I

It happens every time we drive over the Bourne Bridge. Stress and tension melt away and we know we are transported to our happy place.

So much of what we were experiencing last year at this time had resolved and Tom and I were feeling incredibly grateful for the abundance, peace, happiness and health now manifesting in our lives.

Our first stop was the Expo:

once again presented by Marathon Sports:

After Tom picked up his bib and bag, we went to see our friends at Janji. Please take a few moments and check out their website. Their motto is Run For Another. It's a tradition that we buy something "Janji" whenever we see them at an Expo to support the incredible work they are doing. I opted for a new hat this year.

Do you have any idea how amazing it was to share with Mike, creator of Janji that I am back on the roads and up to 9 miles training for the Bermuda Half Marathon? Mike knows my journey and he was overjoyed to share in my return to the roads.

While we were talking our dear friend, Colin Peddie, Owner of Marathon Sports came over to say hello. We have been part of the Marathon Sports family since 2008 and Colin agrees that we are all running family. I told him that I am working now and back on the roads training for the Bermuda Half. It was one of those magical conversations that you just know was orchestrated by the Divine. I am so excited to see where that moment leads both of us in our passion for what we do!

It was time for pre race/pre support crew fueling and we went back to La Cucina Sul Mare.

Tom and I indulged in savoring these two dishes which we couldn't finish because of the portion sizes:

We had impeccable service and even got to meet the co owner Mark on our way out. He is literally chief cook and bottle washer as our waitress Patricia explained to us.

We decided to unwind with a West Wing episode and chose, "Noel" which I wrote about in my recent post, "Compassionate Presence."

A perfect ending to the day and was a great way to unwind in anticipation of race day....

To be continued....

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