Monday, October 5, 2015

My Running Chronicles: The Joy of Each Other's Success

When I posted on Facebook that I'd run my first 8.5 miles since 2009 no one asked me what my time was. I thought Tom was going to clock me one when I bemoaned the fact that it was my slowest run to date. He was quick to point out that there was wind, rain and raw weather conditions plus we had done some hills. He told me to let go of the time thing and feel the utter joy in what I had just accomplished. He was right.

There was an outpouring of joy and celebration in response to my Nike+ and blog post that I'd pushed past a limit that the doctors, physical therapists and even my previous massage therapist said would never happen again. It was Dr. Ryan Means, a chiropractor healer who teamed up with my fierce determination and fiery spirit to once again go the distance of a half marathon. My village on Facebook and in real life fuel every mile of this magnificent journey.

Bling and celebration abounded and resounded in my Facebook news feed this past weekend.

There was Nicole who decided the night before the race to trade in her 25K distance for a 50K. Her post about it was tucked away in another post and once we all found out about it there was jubilation and celebration. She posted her time but the time on the clock did not matter. We celebrate the joy of each other's success and pushing past limits in grand style.

Kathleen has been a cheerleader of mine celebrating in the joy of my PR last year at the Bill Rodgers 5K. She posted a photo of herself and her husband Tom after completing a half marathon. They are older runners like Team McManus and her Tom race walked his first half marathon ever. Such inspiration! Such joy! And no one asked how long did it take -- we were ecstatic to share in their success!

There were other posts from the Smuttynose Marathon and other Half Marathons as we experience the culmination of training for Fall events and photos of our dear friends Team Stirrat celebrating their place in their AG at a Team Masters 5K race.

Tanya, Mariama and Mike were at the front desk of WaveHealth this morning when I walked in to do my pool workout. They were overjoyed that I'd done my longest run yet. There had been a problem with the pool heater and they apologized for the colder water. I told them it was part of my mental toughness training to go the distance. I also shared with them about the fabulous Facebook news feed from the weekend.

My friend Stephanie (who ran Bermuda in January) arrived at the locker room after I'd finished my work out and asked me how the water was. "Cold," I said but if you swim along the left hand wall, you'll feel the warm water coming in through the jets. She shivered. We both agreed it was an exercise in mental toughness and training our minds as well as our bodies to go beyond immediate experiences and sensations. I showered and was drying my hair when she returned from her workout. We both agreed we were badass for staying committed and dedicated to our training plan despite the cold water in the pool.

"By the way how far did you run this weekend?" Stephanie asked me.

"My longest run so far - 8.5."

We fist pumped.

"And you?"

"12" - my half is coming up on 10/25 down in Rhode Island.

We both smiled and radiated joy as we shared in each other's success moving forward to reach our goals.

Our village is a very special village. We understand each other. We support each other and we know what it takes to dig deep and go the distance whatever the challenge and whatever the goal. The joy we exude for one another's success makes the journey that much sweeter!

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  1. Although you had posted this Monday I had not been on FB or my page until today. This find in my pending was a surprise but a heartfelt welcome one. I feel in an honored circle at the moment and am warmed by the thought of those of your followers supporting each other and you as we train for still to be achieved goals.