Sunday, October 11, 2015

My Running Chronicles: Nine is Divine! - A Major Milestone in Going the Distance

I woke up yesterday morning without an alarm at 6 am. I was completely refreshed and energized. No trauma dreams. No night sweats. The work I am doing with Jeffrey Spratt,MT, Owner and Principal of Spratt Muscular Therapies, LLC is helping me gain traction and momentum in healing the effects of trauma and paralytic polio. It's a miracle - a blessing - the total Grace! I felt wonderful from the combination of sports massage therapy and the power of positive touch to release what I held deep in the fiber of my body and being as I wrote about in "And the day came...."

It felt like Christmas morning to me as I was giving myself the gift of running the longest distance I have run since 2009! Right after I wrote my blog post about foregoing a taper this weekend and going for 9 miles, I felt excitement and joy in my mind, body and soul sensing that the Bermuda Marathon Weekend is fast approaching. Oh I know it's hard for anyone who doesn't run to understand this. And that's okay!

I knew that I would be doing most of my run solo since Tom had his BAA Half today.

I knew I needed to meet myself on the road again for a long run.

The weather was spectacular. We were going to go to Jamaica Pond but since we had a fund raiser in the afternoon we decided that I'd go around the Cleveland Circle Reservoir with Tom acting as support crew to make sure we had enough time to get to the fund raiser which was at Jeffrey's daughter school. Jeffrey's wife Trang is the President of the PTO.

Geese, ducks and a beautiful swan accompanied me on my run. My playlist and lapping of the waves provided the soundtrack. I ran from the inside out and I did not care one lick about the time on Nike+. And by the way, none of the over 70 Facebook friends who liked my photo asked me what my time was.

I had a steady pace and felt that the world was my oyster. I felt invincible. Happy. Strong. Fierce. Determined with a deep knowing that this time I am going the distance on and off of the roads.

The beginning of a run is often a challenge for me to get my neuromuscular system engaged. I know this is true for many runners but the joy of setting out on this run far exceeded any physical sensations I might have experienced.

As I ran I reflected on the thought that there are hard runs (and last week was a hard 8.5 miler), easy runs, good runs and great runs. Yesterday was a great run for me.

There was something magical about crossing the threshold of running 9 miles again. I savored the sensation that yes indeed a half marathon is well within my reach with only 4 more miles to run to complete a half marathon.

I was free and unencumbered expressing what is possible when we partner with the Universe and set our minds, hearts and Spirits on a goal. It was, for me, an act of defiance and an act of liberation. To those who wanted me dead I was saying, "I am very much alive celebrating and living life to the full." To the medical community I was saying, "Please be open to what is possible rather than limiting those who come to you for help." I was saying a resounding YES to the Divine within me and YES to light, love, healing and possibility.

Every footstep of those nine miles was Divine. I feel satisfied. Complete and Whole. I wonder how I'll feel when we cross over into double digits....

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