Sunday, October 11, 2015

My Running Chronicles: Nine is Divine! - A Major Milestone in Going the Distance

It felt like Christmas morning to me as I was giving myself the gift of running the longest distance I have run since 2009! Right after I wrote my blog post about foregoing a taper this weekend and going for 9 miles, I felt excitement and joy in my mind, body and soul sensing that the Bermuda Marathon Weekend is fast approaching. Oh I know it's hard for anyone who doesn't run to understand this. And that's okay!

I knew that I would be doing most of my run solo since Tom had his BAA Half today.

I knew I needed to meet myself on the road again for a long run.

The weather was spectacular. We were going to go to Jamaica Pond but since we had a fund raiser in the afternoon we decided that I'd go around the Cleveland Circle Reservoir with Tom acting as support crew.

Geese, ducks and a beautiful swan accompanied me on my run. My playlist and lapping of the waves provided the soundtrack. I ran from the inside out and I did not care one lick about the time on Nike+. And by the way, none of the over 70 Facebook friends who liked my photo asked me what my time was.

I had a steady pace and felt that the world was my oyster. I felt invincible. Happy. Strong. Fierce. Determined with a deep knowing that this time I am going the distance on and off of the roads.

The beginning of a run is often a challenge for me to get my neuromuscular system engaged. I know this is true for many runners but the joy of setting out on this run far exceeded any physical sensations I might have experienced.

As I ran I reflected on the thought that there are hard runs (and last week was a hard 8.5 miler), easy runs, good runs and great runs. Yesterday was a great run for me.

There was something magical about crossing the threshold of running 9 miles again. I savored the sensation that yes indeed a half marathon is well within my reach with only 4 more miles to run to complete a half marathon.

I was free and unencumbered expressing what is possible when we partner with the Universe and set our minds, hearts and Spirits on a goal. It was, for me, an act of defiance and an act of liberation. To those who wanted me dead I was saying, "I am very much alive celebrating and living life to the full." To the medical community I was saying, "Please be open to what is possible rather than limiting those who come to you for help." I was saying a resounding YES to the Divine within me and YES to light, love, healing and possibility.

Every footstep of those nine miles was Divine. I feel satisfied. Complete and Whole. I wonder how I'll feel when we cross over into double digits....

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