Friday, October 9, 2015

My Running Chronicles: Running Long and Running Strong and Conquering the World

I was planning to do a mini taper for the next few weeks. Tom decided that he needs to take a rest day tomorrow in preparation for the BAA Half. I on the other hand need to get out there and run long and run strong tomorrow!

During this morning's meditation I felt in every fiber of my being I need to run 9 miles tomorrow. It's a half a mile increase from last week and I need to hit that milestone tomorrow. I remember what it felt like to run long although not so strong at the time, training for the 2009 Boston Marathon. And this go round my maximum distance is 13.1 miles. There is something about running farther than I did since 2009 that I just need to do at this point in my journey.

I am well trained, cross trained and I remind myself that the body achieves what the mind believes.

Tom is going to be my support crew and I will be going around Jamaica Pond; our training ground back in 2009.

Next week we are doing a 5K. The following week Tom is running the Cape Cod Half Marathon and will be doing only 7 miles in Falmouth after he runs his Half on Saturday.

Then we begin to build miles again leading up to the Bermuda Half Marathon. 97 days and counting!. Forget about everything I lived through. I am here now. And that is all that matters!

So I need to get a good night's rest and get out there and get it done tomorrow.

I plan to run steady, run strong and run with ease.

It's going to be a conquering the world kind of 9 miler....

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