Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cape Cod Runcation - 7 Sweet Miles in Falmouth - Part 3

What a luxury to sleep in until 7:30 although we heard the rustling of runners in the hallways and outside our window. We had a leisurely breakfast at one of our favorite places in Falmouth, Mary Ellen's Portugese Bakery across from the Falmouth Inn. I usually fuel on oatmeal, banana, whole wheat toast and juice but since we were on runcation I opted to see how it would be to fuel on scrambled eggs and toast for a long run.

We donned our fuel belts and had no route planned. We decided to let Spirit lead. I was amazed at how well I felt despite the incredibly busy day we had on Saturday. The weather was overcast but warm. A pleasant surprise for a late October day on Cape Cod. We decided that we were not going to allow the hills along the coastline to deter us from the opportunity to have a run with a spectacular view. As I said to Tom, "While hills can be extremely challenging and sometimes it seems that the uphill is never going to end, just look at the spectacular view we get from the hill."

Yup that is me running the hills in Falmouth for a total of 7 sweet miles!

Who would have thought that Team McManus would be back on the roads training for the Bermuda Half Marathon but here we are.

I kept breathing deeply allowing the salty air fill my body and my Being. I drank in the views and listened to the sounds of the sea. We took it slow and steady and imagined how we are going to be feeling in Bermuda.

It's amazing to just run and not have any route planned but allowing Spirit to lead the way.

We wound through neighborhoods and along the Coast enjoying the sights, sounds and scents of old Cape Cod.

Runcations bring new adventures, surprises and a time to unplug and savor all that life has to offer.

It was a sacred and special time for Team McManus as we enter a new chapter in my healing journey and a new time in our lives running together and thoroughly enjoying life together - unencumbered and free.

What a difference from one year ago when I thought I would never run more than a 5K again ... Here's to many more runcations for Team McManus as we go the distance together.

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