Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Run Bermuda! Run Happy! Sweat - Smile - Repeat -- Training for a Threepeat!

It was invigorating to walk into Boston Sports Club on Boylston Street this morning being greeted by the staff who signed me up for my membership and having them say, "Have a good workout."

It's day 4/5 of our training cycle. Ruth Anne went for a run with a friend. Tom is going to run this afternoon and I, who runs twice a week and cross trains 3 days/week (learning the hard way of what happens if I don't - can you say knee injury?) headed to Boston Sports Club!

Part of me missed the comfort and familiarity of my old health club at Wave Health and Fitness but being surrounded by trainers, sweat and people who are fierce about their training fired me up to get in a great workout. Changing things up a bit is vital to creating change in the mind/body!

About halfway through my workout on the Arc Trainer one of the new Team members came up to me to hand me a towel. He told me he is new at the Club and this is one of his jobs. We smiled and exchanged names. Was it the power of suggestion or my renewed dedication to being the best I can be on the road to my threepeat of the Bermuda Marathon Weekend that I felt sweat pouring out of me!

After my 20 minutes on the Arc Trainer I stretched and headed for 30 minutes on the upright bike. More sweat poured that seemed to emanate from the fire that is lit within me as I go the distance for January 2018.

I posted this photo on Facebook with this description: #runbermuda #runhappy #transformationtuesday #momentum Day 4/5 --- Cross training with Arc Trainer and Bike today on the road to Bermuda Marathon Weekend for a threepeat! Feeling fierce and fired up! And this my friends is what determination looks like! #postpoliosyndrome #traumasurvivor I'm a thriver going the distance!

I have my mantras in place that my body recovers from workouts and training runs with ease. I remind myself to focus on the wave not the particle as Dr. Joe Dispenza emphasizes in his book, "You Are the Placebo." I remember how I felt training for the 2009 Boston Marathon. Even before knowing the work of Dr. Joe, but knowing the work of Dr. Bernie Siegel and having his unconditional love and support, I was creating change in my body through thought alone.

I'll be 64 years old in December. My body, mind and soul have been to hell and back. Training for my threepeat of the 2018 Bermuda Half Marathon is the journey of a lifetime. During these next 6 months I look forward to a lot of days where I sweat - smile - repeat!

Go the distance with strength and courage!

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