Monday, July 24, 2017

Run Bermuda! Run Happy! 6.5 Mile(stone) and a Visit with the Race Director

Team McManus is feeling the momentum of being on the road to the Bermuda Half Marathon.

It was a hot and steamy Saturday as we ran along the Boston Harbor from Castle Island to U.Mass. We made sure we dialed back our pace, hydrated and fueled and kept our eyes on the prize. There was an older runner who passed us, also dripping with sweat who said, "Great job guys. Keep it up." Thank goodness for the cloud cover at the start of our run!

We sought out shade whenever we could along the course. We felt triumphant when we heard Nike+ say "Congratulations! You've reached your goal of 6.5 miles."

Our selfies reflect the effort of the run:

On Sunday, Team McManus went to Boston Sports Club in Newton to do our cross training on the Bike and Arc Trainer. I was amazed at how well my body recovered from the 6.5 mile run. Ruth Anne led the charge and I found myself trying to match her exuberance as an almost 30 year old training for her first Bermuda Half Marathon. We felt accomplished after a rigorous cardio workout.

We were supposed to have dinner with Clarence aka "Stoker" Smith and Anthony Raynor as I wrote about in last week's blog. There was a serious car accident on their way to Boston from New York and they did not get in town until very late! Fortunately they were fine and there were no fatalities. We resigned ourselves to the fact that it wasn't meant to be to get together this trip and Anthony was planning another trip to Boston to see us but.....

Clarence and Anthony called us Saturday evening. They would finish at the DMSE Sports Classic Expo at 11 on Sunday. "We'll come to you," Clarence said in that warm Bermudian accent. "Anthony says he knows where Brookline is."

They called at around 11:30 and said they were leaving Andover (about an hour and change away from where we live).

"Would you like to come for lunch?" I asked.

"Well that will need to happen love," Clarence replied.

Tom, Ruth Anne and I rummaged through the fridge to see what we could put together for a luncheon. They went off to Star Market while I cleaned off and set the outside table. Ruth Anne made up platters when they returned. Over a wonderful array of foods and sparkling water, we had sparkling conversation!

We talked about the great time they had at the DMSE Sports Classic and the fever pitch energy of Race Weekend 2018. We laughed and shared stories about our relationship with Bermuda. We talked about the entourage of Boston runners who will descend upon Bermuda in January. Anthony said that he wants any of us who arrive on Thursday to be at the kickoff party for Race Weekend.

"So let me ask there a time limit on the Half? Do we need an early start?" I asked Anthony and Clarence.

In true Bermudian style, Anthony and Clarence gave us a rather lengthy detailed explanation about why they had to put forth a time limit along with anecdotes from previous year's race experiences.

Having said all of that, Anthony said, "As long as you get in before my last marathoner crosses the finish line, you'll be fine."

"We figure we will finish in just under four hours," I said.

With a warm Bermudian smile Clarence said, "Oh my you'll be fine!"

We talked about the rest of their trip Stateside and about the design of the medals this year.

Speaking of medals, Anthony is going to connect with Blue Diamond Athletic Displays, Inc (captured in one of our photos below) to talk about designing a medal display to adorn the Bermuda Marathon Weekend Medals.

We had a long goodbye with lots of hugs and more joy and laughter with stories about the America's Cup but they couldn't leave before I presented them with a copy of Going the Distance: The Power of Endurance. I signed their copies and read from the section where I first met them in July of 2015.

The excitement for Bermuda Marathon Weekend is on and Team McManus hit a 6.5 mile(stone) in style!

Go the distance with strength and courage!

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