Sunday, July 30, 2017

Run Bermuda! Run Happy! On Running Happy and The Blessing of Family

It feels amazing to be on the road to Bermuda Marathon Weekend again. I am in awe that this is going to be a threepeat for me! After the Half Marathon in January and with all the changes that were going to happen at The Rosedon, our once beloved go to place on the Island, Tom and I decided that we would change things up for my racing goals for 2018.

The magic happened at Booth 2828, Blue Diamond Athletic Displays, INC booth at the 2017 Boston Marathon. Anthony Raynor asked what it would take to get us back to Bermuda for Bermuda Marathon Weekend 2018. "How about an invitational entry?"

I decided to keep things light on Facebook as we were heading out for our 6.5 mile run yesterday:

Since it was our 2nd week at 6.5 miles, we chose to take on a more challenging route. We went out our front door to Beacon Street where we had hills, hills and more hills!

Despite how challenging the run was with its never ending hills, Team McManus ran happy! We had wonderful conversations about healing, recovery, the excitement of training for a half marathon together again (the last time we trained for an endurance event was in 2009 for the Boston Marathon). We problem solved about different situations in our lives.

“I discovered early on that it wasn't the sport of running that attracted me but the act of running. It was in the pounding of my own heart, in the rhythm of my own breathing that the answers began to come. The answers came if, and only if, I kept running.”
~John “The Penguin” Bingham

We felt a wonderful sense of accomplishment along with a runner's high when we re-entered the front door of our home. We worked as a team to prepare a healthy post run lunch.

I could feel that my body was in need of an ice bath - the first of the season as I posted on Facebook:

Tom was kind enough to prepare the ice bath for me that chilled while we ate and savored our 6.5 mile run and a well earned meal of sandwiches, fruit and veggie chips.

After immersing into the ice bath, I went on Facebook as I felt the combination of ice and Epsom Salts flush out my legs and lower back. I loved reading the posts and comments from our running family and being able to post comments supporting our running family on their accomplishments of the day.

6.5 miles in the books on the road to Bermuda for Team McManus! In addition to feeling strong and determined, we are feeling happy and blessed to be on this journey of life with our family and running family! Next week - 7 sweet miles!

Go the distance with strength and courage!

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