Monday, July 3, 2017

Run Bermuda! Run Happy! Second Wind

We knew it was going to be a hard run in the heat and humidity as Team McManus trained for the Bermuda Half Marathon. Even with a morning run, the sea breeze and running on a relatively flat course along Boston Harbor, it was a challenging run. During one stretch of the run, the sun was beating down on us with the heat rising off of the asphalt. All we could think about was going into the ocean for nature's very own ice bath after the run.

We experienced all the uncomfortable sensations of a challenging run while knowing that these are the runs that prepare us for if the going gets tough during our race.

We were mindful to take extra water stops, and we slowed our pace way down. We joked how on some runs we feel like we could go on forever but not so much on this run. We could feel ourselves slogging through the run and then, after mile 3.5 we got our second wind!

Nothing had shifted around us but something shifted within us as we shifted our focus from feeling hot and sluggish to looking out on the water and visualizing the Bermuda Half Marathon.

After we got our second wind, we felt as though we could run for miles but know we have to stick to our training plan.

Here is Team McManus so grateful for another successful training run:

and to walk into nature's very own ice bath:

We refueled with delicious hearty yet healthy sandwiches from American Provisions and recovered by enjoying the ice cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Next week - 6 miles on tap for Team McManus on the road to Bermuda.

We know we can do this and are enjoying every mile of the journey discovering wonderful soul lessons and what we are truly made of!

Go the distance with strength and courage!

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