Sunday, August 9, 2015

The stranger on the bench at the bus stop - Feeling God

Early on in my work with the amazing chiropractor Dr. Ryan, he suggested I read Candace Pert's book:

She came to the Palmer School of Chiropractic Medicine where he was training to become a chiropractor.

Dr. Ryan also recommended, "You Are the Placebo," by Dr. Joe Dispenza. As I read Dr. Joe's book, I felt shifts and changes and healing happening mind, body and Spirit.

As I read Candace's book, I've experienced insights and aha moments in my own healing journey and most recently have been experiencing synchronicity, coherence and harmony which is a consistent theme throughout her book. Even though she died in 2013, her Spirit lives and breathes in the pages of her book.

Candace and her co-author Nancy have an ongoing struggle throughout the book about what should be in the book and how to meet the publisher’s deadline. They complement each other in being the task master and opening up to the Universe and letting the Universe write the book. At one point Nancy said that they can allow the Universe to write the book but the Universe isn’t going to publish the book. It was Nancy’s turn to go with the flow when she saw two of her friends sitting on a park bench. Candace berates her for wanting to take an even longer break from their writing but Nancy is unrelenting in taking her over to her friends. The synchronicity was astounding. The two friends had been turned away from Candace’s lecture the night before because it was sold out. He was going to ask her a question and take issue with the fact that in “What the bleep do we know…” there was not a strong enough emphasis on God. I just happened to read this passage last week.

“And if we wouldn’t have been turned away from the lecture, I would have asked you right then and there whether or not you believe in God.”

I burst out laughing and jumped for joy…

“Let me answer you right now!” I exclaimed. “First I want you to know that as a scientist, I believe in God with all my heart. God is everywhere in the matrix that unites us all. Our meeting today, the sheer synchronicity of you talking about me and then me showing up, is due to the vibration of our molecules organizing at the highest levels to achieve coherence and harmony. This is the demonstration of what I know as God.”

Tom and I drove to the Seaport District to have lunch at 75 on Liberty, one of our favorite go to places. We drove once around the block and there was a parking space waiting for us almost across the street from the restaurant. I thanked God/the Universe for the space and smiled. There was a man sitting on the bench at the bus stop wearing a blue shirt, arms opened wide placed on the back of the bench and legs outstretched in front of him.

"That's a really great parking space," this stranger said to us as we got out of the car.

"They are very rare around here. I was very lucky to get one down the street."

His affect reminded me of the person who appears to Marlee Matlin in the water scene from What the bleep do we know....:

"Well my wife imagines a parking space is available every time she comes down here," Tom said to him.

"Your wife has a very powerful imagination," he said to us.

"Yes...I do ... I imagined myself out of a wheelchair 8 years ago," I replied.

"Good for you," he said.

Here was this person who chose to comment on us getting a really great parking space noticing that the parking spaces are rare in this area. Tom and I were drawn into this vortex of conversation with this complete stranger who affirmed everything I believed and have been working on for these past 8+ years. Time stood still and we both experienced a powerful connection to something beyond us in those magical moments. Tom and I were together having run the longest distance I have run since last year's Tufts 10K and training for the Bermuda Half Marathon. There were so many ways the conversation could or could not have gone yet it was this perfect encounter.

I felt God!

There was no mistaking this encounter as having been orchestrated by a Divine Loving Intelligence.

It was an affirmation from the Divine to continue on my path that yes I do have a powerful imagination and I am a mighty manifester. I need to continue to believe without seeing and to know, to trust that my heart's desire for complete healing is here. now. I can live and breathe as the person I imagined myself to be running free and unencumbered and having every experience from the past healed mind, body and Spirit because I am now that person!

Amazing what happens when you open yourself up and allow yourself to have a chance encounter..for us it was with the stranger at the bus stop who was lucky enough to get a parking space down the street from the Seaport Hotel. It's an opportunity to feel God!

I chronicle the first 7 years of my healing journey after being diagnosed with post polio syndrome, a progressive neuromuscular disease as a survivor of childhood paralytic polio and 9 years of childhood domestic violence in Coming Home:A Memoir of Healing, Hope and Possibility.

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