Friday, August 14, 2015

Boston's Local Empress of Enthusiasm

Walter Dunbar, a Boston first responder created Soul Action Alliance, a Facebook community whose description is:
SOUL is the attribute of spirit, ACTION is an act of will, ALLIANCE is a group joining forces for a common goal.

As Spirit moves me, I share different blog posts on the page that I feel will resonate and invigorate the community.

After sharing, "Going the Distance: My Recipe for Success," Walter shared the link with this comment:

Mary has become Boston's local empress of enthusiasm. She has transformed her life and runs each step with mind, soul and body. Thanks for showing us what's possible. Anything we choose.

Boston's local empress of enthusiasm! I like it ...

I have rebranded myself with that title. I found these wonderful quotes about enthusiasm that embody the Spirit of my journey:

How do you fan the embers of enthusiasm to create a spark and then set your soul on fire?

My intention is that I've added fuel to your flame. May we all shine brightly with enthusiasm flowing to claim our most Divine and royal selves.

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