Thursday, August 13, 2015

Book Review: Everything You Need to Know to Feel Go(o)d

Amazon tells me I purchased this item on March 21, 2015.

I ordered it along with Dr. Joe Dispenza's book, "You Are the Placebo."

I started to read Candace's book but then something inside of me gave me pause and I read Dr. Joe's book first. They both appeared in "What the bleep do we know..." which Tom and I watched on 5/24 of this year.

Rewind to the book release party for Journey Well.

Did you ever have the experience where you watch yourself doing something that you know doesn't feel right but you know you're supposed to go ahead and do it anyway? Well that's the feeling I had with my book release party. Something didn't feel right from the start and then the Patriots had their playoff game at the exact time of the book release party. There was a lot of stress and discomfort around the party which was such a contrast to the book release party for my memoir at Marathon Sports the year before. But out of that uncomfortable evening, I found myself standing with a man who would change my life forever!

I found myself standing face to face with Ryan Means, DC - doctor of chiropractic medicine over 6' tall with the most warm, inviting, kind, loving and passionate blue eyes I had seen in a very long time.

We talked about chiropractic care and how it is not just for spinal adjustments. After the party, he reached out to me on Facebook. We met for coffee so he could learn more about my journey and I interviewed him for my blog. Journey Well with Chiropractic Care from Dr. Ryan Means.

I had my first appointment on March 2 and Dr. Ryan recommended the two books by Candace and Dr. Joe and the movies, I <3 Huckabees and What the bleep do we know....

These are the kinds of events that Candace shares in her book, 'Everything You Need to Know to Feel Go(o)d. She shares the science behind the molecules of emotions which was her first groundbreaking book and the process of writing the book which is written in real time; the style that I used to write Journey Well and that I am using to write my next book, 'Going the Distance.' Through the process of her writing the book, she was creating her life and as she created her life, the book "wrote itself."

There is a balance of love, light, laughter, and a sense of curiosity, wonder and play with the pain and struggle that is a part of the human condition. As I read her book and she shared her healing journey, I would experience breakthroughs in my healing journey. She explains the importance of partnering with healers who know and understand the mind/body connection.

Although Candace left her physical body in September of 2013 her Spirit is alive and breathes through every page of the book. She shows us how God is ever present in our lives and uses scientific research to explain the mystery and wonder of the Divine. It may seem counterintuitive I know but you have to read the book to understand how she is able to do this!

Oh and how perchance did Dr. Ryan know about Candace Pert and her work? He studied at the Palmer College of Chiropractic Medicine before transferring to a school in California. She spoke to his class and made the kind of energetic imprint with him that I experienced in reading her book.

At the end of the book, Candace writes, "Trust. Breathe. Let go. God is in control."

In her Epilogue, she reflects on fear.

"The root of fear, I concluded, is more about being alone, feeling unconnected to others and not realizing that we're all one. As my long-term massage therapist Adam Helfer poetically put it, 'If you're connected to the divine, you'll always feel fine.' Adam had also told me he thought the best universal advice to 'feel good' is to remain in the present moment as much is possible.'"

Dr. Ryan practices in China which came about through an amazing series of events in his life. We stay in touch via Facebook and email and I get goosebumps following his journey and adventures. I give thanks every day that he came into my life and recommended Candace's book to me. I now need to pay it forward and recommend it to you!

Discover the truth for yourself that all we need to know to feel good is to feel the presence of God in our every breath.

Thank you Dr. Ryan and thank you Candace!

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