Thursday, July 9, 2015

Presenting "Feel the Heal: An Anthology of Poems to Heal Your Life"

I just did a #tbt on Facebook to a blog post I wrote a year ago about the Marathon Sports 5 Miler. It's absolutely amazing to see my transformation from a year ago. I know in every fiber of my being that Team McManus will return to the Marathon Sports 5 Miler and what a triumphant run that will be for us.

I wasn't planning on writing any more books. I was running but setting the limit of one more Tufts 10K and then do 5K's. I had all of these limiting beliefs which of course at the time I did not realize were limiting beliefs.

There was this quote I used from Woody Hayes in the post about success - it's what you do with what you've got.

And I would have to edit Woody Hayes' quote: Success is having the courage to dream beyond appearances and "what you've got" and create something new!

Shortly after my knee injury in December, I was blessed to meet Ryan J. Means, DC who likes to be called Dr. Ryan. When I thought of seeing a chiropractor, I thought of having my back cracked. As we stood and talked at the book release for "Journey Well", Dr. Ryan's passion and enthusiasm for his work was infectious. He explained to me that chiropractic care is for the whole body and yes he could help me with healing my knee injury.

But first I would walk the path of Western medicine albeit very briefly.

The Universe hit me with a 2 x 4 when I went to see a physical therapist.

I landed on my feet literally and metaphorically in Dr. Ryan's office. Adjustments on my spine and kinesiotaping were just what I needed to get me back on the roads. My plan to return to the roads in mid-April moved to mid-March. Ryan, along with a Facebook friend suggested I read Dr. Joe Dispenza's "You Are the Placebo."

I realized that as long as I stayed at Spaulding Rehab, my focus was on rehab and continuing to identify with my diagnosis. God bless the Aquatics Therapist but because she did not like running and had sustained an injury while running, she was sending me the energetic and verbal messages that I should not run again.

I shifted my workouts to our Town pool and then was blessed to find my way to WaveHealth's pool where I create my own cross training plan building on the best that Spaulding's Aquatics Therapy had to offer.

Things that I usually struggle with in the creative process just flowed. The cover was a joy to create and once I got still I was able to hear the message and purpose of publishing "Feel the Heal."


In December of 2006, my mind, body and soul were crying out for healing. I was diagnosed with post polio syndrome, a progressive neuromuscular disease as Western medicine defines it. It was my wake up call to find a path for healing. In February of 2007, I discovered the healing power of writing poetry. I foreshadowed my 2009 Boston Marathon run while using a cane, a leg brace and at times a wheelchair for mobility with the first poem that I wrote called, "Running the Race."

I call my pen my divining rod for healing. This anthology is a collection of poems old and new that inspire my healing mind, body and Spirit from childhood paralytic polio and sexual, physical and emotional abuse from the time I was 8 years old until my dad’s suicide when I was 17 years old.

I have learned that when we bypass our analytical minds and are able to see beyond appearances, magic and miracles happen. I’ve been blessed to find my way to people who believe in me and who provide me with the unconditional love and support that stimulates the body to heal.

My hope and intention is that as you read these poems, you too will feel the heal, experience the possibility and be inspired to open your heart to a world beyond what we see and know.

With my love
Mary McManus

Putting in page numbers has always been a challenge in the past but somehow, the numbers seemed to magically appear as they need to be. I know that the Universe is speeding along the process of bringing "Feel the Heal" into the world.

It's time for final editing and soon I will present in its final form, "Feel the Heal: An Anthology of Poems to Heal Your Life."

Cheers! To life! Love yourself well!

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