Friday, July 31, 2015

Believing is Seeing: Patience, Persistence and Parking Spaces

On Mondays and Thursdays I go to WaveHealth Fitness for swimming and massage. I tell myself that I will always find a metered or handicapped parking space. The one Monday I did not find a parking space, I had conversations which the Universe wanted and needed me to have which would not have happened if I would have found a metered or a handicapped parking space. Now one word about using my handicap placard ... I see it is a Universe Residential Parking Permit. Being able to park and not worry about feeding the meter is a wonderful gift that I accept with a grateful heart.

There used to be many more parking spaces in the Seaport area. Meters have been covered and construction took away a whole row of parking spaces. When there are concerts at the Bank of America Pavillion, parking spaces are at a premium. Yet despite this apparent lack of abundance of parking spaces, I see things differently.

Yesterday as I was driving around looking for a parking space before my massage therapy appointment with Jeff, I saw people pulling out of parking spaces and then another car pulling right up and taking the space a few feet in front of me. This happened several times and I just kept repeating my mantra, there is an abundance of parking spaces. I drove down different streets I usually don't drive down looking for parking widening my search.

A car pulls out across the street but just after I had turned around another car was ready to take its place.

I did not relent in my belief and stayed calm and connected to the Source of all things. I knew that there was a reason this was happening. Reading Candace Pert's book, "Everything you need to know to feel Go(o)d" reminds me of this important message over and over again.

A car pulls out on the other side of the street. I do my U turn and just as I thought someone else had pulled into it, it appeared before my very eyes. It was big enough for a mac truck. I parked and said thank you out loud to the Universe. I noticed something very important about how I was feeling. I felt a deep sense of appreciation for the space because I had to wait for it and experience faith and trust without seeing any evidence that there was an abundance of parking spaces; quite the opposite.

My whole journey during these past 8+ years has been about faith, patience and persistence. I had a lot of soul lessons to learn as I walked a long and winding road to where I am today.

And despite all appearances to the contrary especially after my knee injury last December, I know that total healing is now mine to claim.

Just like I knew I needed to be patient and persistent and not pull into a paid parking lot yesterday, I knew and know that I need to be patient and persistent with my healing. I must say though there is a lot of momentum happening now as I use the skills and tools from my dear friend and healer/chiropractor Dr. Ryan J. Means, keep a regular meditation schedule with Tom, keep a mindful eye on my thoughts and choices and work out with the utter belief and conviction that I have completely healed. I am a runner. I run unencumbered. I run swift and I run a 12:00 minute mile. I have a whole healthy strong left leg healed from polio and surgeries. I have a strong, healthy and vibrant neural net that is nourished by good food, good thoughts and my training. I feel incredible joy and gratitude to know that believing is seeing and the Universe is orchestrating this beautiful symphony we call life.

I chronicle the first 7 years of my healing journey after being diagnosed with post polio syndrome, a progressive neuromuscular disease as a survivor of childhood paralytic polio and 9 years of childhood domestic violence in Coming Home:A Memoir of Healing, Hope and Possibility.

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