Saturday, July 25, 2015

Feel the Heal: A is for Amazing

Since I am a wordsmith, during one of my recent morning meditations, I began playing with the alphabet expressing Love, gratitude and joy. It took a couple of weeks to craft this poem in which every line begins with a letter of the alphabet and it was a delightful process of feeling close to the Divine within me:

A is for Amazing

A is for amazing awake aware alive
B is for God’s bounty unbounded for us to thrive.
C is for contagious spreading love in all we do
D is for delicious decadent Divine uniquely you.
Everything is perfect in God’s mysterious wondrous way
Finding faith and trusting beckon friends to come and play.
Growing in God’s likeness in gloriousness we shine
Happiness and harmony life is blissful fancy fine.
I AM all that I’m meant to be your blessed beloved child
Jackpot won in lottery of life on Your family You’ve always smiled.
Knocking on your kingdom’s door of my life You’re always a part
Laughter, loving, lusciousness treasure in my heart.
Meditation in the stillness moving ever closer to You
Needing nothing when You’re near always sees me through.
Observing without judging allowing everything to Be
Patience practice persistence with You I’m running free.
Questioning and querying no need for asking why
Rest assured there is a purpose dry my tears no need to cry.
Synchronicity serendipity surrender is a must
Thankful for this life we live based in faith and trust.
Universal Love unconditional showers upon us all
Vowing to let you be my Guide to catch me if I fall.
Welcome grace’s blessings cup our hands let it rain
X-ray vision You see through us easing all our pain.
Yoda’s wisdom now resounding trust the Force wield saber’s light
Zealous in our purpose Spirit soaring now takes flight!

I am delighted to be able to share my healing odyssey and my gift of poetry with you in this latest anthology of my poems.

You can purchase your copies along with "Coming Home: A Memoir of Healing, Hope and Possibility," and "Journey Well" on Amazon. I have already started writing poems for "Feel the Heal: An Anthology of Poems to Heal Your Life Volume II", and "Going the Distance" which chronicles these latest miles on my marathon of healing from my knee injury last December to when I cross the finish lines of the Bermuda Half Marathon in January 2016 and the Newport Marathon in October.

Cheers! To Life! Feel the heal and let us all love ourselves well!

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