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Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! The Divine Intelligence of our Bodies

In the 1980's, I was hospitalized with a staph infection in my right arm. I was initially misdiagnosed and the staph infection went into my bone. Fortunately, an earth angel, Dr. Donald Reilly snatched me from the jaws of misdiagnosis and mismanagement of the condition which could have otherwise resulted in the permanent loss of use of my right arm. During my extended inpatient stay, I met another earth angel, Beth Jordan, RN who brought me cassette tapes of Bernie Siegel, MD. Through the years Bernie has been my labor coach through many rebirthings and healings. He was there for me in December of 2006 after the diagnosis of post polio syndrome and cheered me on in cyberspace to my Boston Marathon finish line in April 2009. The wisdom he shares, which is drawn from the Divine consciousness helped me to dissolve a breast tumor, to clear out the negative energy through interpretation of my drawings to help me resolve 10 years of infertility and his message of love, medicine and miracles fueled these last two years of my healing odyssey after a serious knee injury.

I often joke with Bernie about being a slow learner but it does take us all awhile to remember that we are worthy of love and healing especially when, in my situation, I had family members who wanted me dead.

I am so blessed that I found my way to two healers who subscribe to the same philosophy of healing as I do. Dr. Ryan Means, a healer chiropractor reminded me of my body's Divine Intelligence and turned me onto the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza and the teachers in "What the bleep do we know..." Coincidentally, "What the bleep..." is one of Jeffrey Spratt,MT's favorite movies! I met Jeffrey two months after Ryan and we have harnessed the power of the Divine to reverse and heal the damaging effects of paralytic polio followed by 9 years of unrelenting violence at the hands of family members which did not allow my body's natural ability to heal to take over after contracting polio. My mind, body and Spirit went into survival mode. Layer upon layer of abuse and trauma got stuck in my body until everything shut down and cried out for healing 10 years ago with the diagnosis of post polio syndrome, a progressive neuromuscular disease.

If I would have listened to the doctor and the team at Spaulding Rehab's International Rehab Center for Polio, I would be in a wheelchair by now with limited functional capacity. Their message was one of fear: If you use it you will lose it believing that because my nervous system was already compromised as a result of polio, as I aged, the decline associated with aging would be accelerated. Instead, I discovered the gift of poetry in my soul. My pen became my divining rod for healing as I wrote poetry that liberated my mind, body and soul and foreshadowed my 2009 Boston Marathon run.

Despite all outward appearances and what the Team was telling me, what the "experts" were saying about post polio syndrome, my inner wisdom told me I had to get moving! After being discharged from Spaulding Rehab's Outpatient care, I hired a personal trainer. She believed in the body's innate capacity to heal and get stronger and about the mind body connection. When I asked her if I thought she thought there was anything she could do for me to help me get a little stronger and build on the program Spaulding Rehab gave to me, her retort was:

In February of 2008 when she asked me my next goals for personal training, after a list that included I want to walk outside unencumbered and diversify my training, the words, "And I want to run the 2009 Boston Marathon to raise money for Spaulding Rehab" fell out of my mouth. Against medical advice, against the advice of the post polio expert Dr. Julie Silver at the time, I did use it - and I didn't lose it but I also could not get traction on my healing journey.

If I would have listened to the doctor, the physical therapists at Spaulding Rehab's Aquatics Therapy class, the physical therapist from hell I saw at Spaulding and even the massage therapist I was working with after a serious knee injury in December of 2014, I would certainly not be poised and ready to toe the starting line of my second CONSECUTIVE Bermuda Half Marathon two weeks from Sunday. Their admonishment was running was bad for me. Okay if I was going to run no more than a 5K - 5 miles at most but be prepared for a lot of pain and a total knee replacement in a few years. "You have no gastroc muscle. It was long gone after the polio. You've got no cartilage, bone spurs, degenerative osteoarthritis...." and the list went on and on!

Dr. Ryan helped me to plant the seeds to grow a new gastroc muscle using Kinesiotaping and joining with me harnessing the power of my imagination.

In my very first treatment with Jeffrey on 4/19/15 he said to me with total confidence, "What leg are we rehabbing?" and at the end of the treatment set the intention that, "I want you to run unencumbered."

Jeffrey pioneered his very own method of muscular therapy aptly called the Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy. Last Thursday after my body released a powerful traumatic memory in Wednesday's treatment, and, through touch and compassionate presence, we healed that memory, I had a resurgence of muscle memory before polio and violence took over my life. In my 12 mile run on Saturday, I was able to soften and release the habitual posture of defending myself against the onslaught of beatings within an inch of my life.

The beauty of the Spratt Method is that throughout the treatment Jeffrey is working with the whole body over and over again to bring relief and loosen the gunk that is stuck in the body. Memories are stored in the body and last Wednesday we were both privy to a magnificent and rather stunning release of what we call a core memory so that it could be healed. The presence of Divine Intelligence and Divine Love flowing through this entire process releases the body's natural capacity to heal.

During these past 10 years I sought out many body workers in an effort to reclaim my life and experience freedom in my body. Now there are many paths to healing and each person finds their own way. However, I suffered at the hands of so called healers who were recreating dynamics of the very relationships that I was trying to heal using modalities that did not serve me at all!

KMI Structural Integration is a protocol of 12 sessions that begins with the client standing before the body worker clad in a sports bra and underwear or shorts or a two piece bathing suit. The body worker assesses with their eyes what they believe to be the body's imbalances and then imposing the protocol on the body to create change from the outside in. For me it was a method based on aggression and imbalance of power. There was not a sense of partnership between client and body worker. They knew what was right for the body and were going to be the ones to get the body to where it needed to be. As I experienced in Saturday's training run and when my feet hit the floor on Thursday morning after Wednesday's treatment with Jeffrey, my body found its way to a state of comfort and ease.

Zero Balancing was the other extreme to KMI. It uses a very light almost imperceptible touch to try to help the body reorganize itself. The founder of Zero Balancing makes it very clear that the worker needs to maintain strict energetic boundaries and protect themselves from the client's energy. This distancing of feeling and touch and being left alone to sort out my body's reactions to the work recapitulated the trauma of abandonment and neglect from when I contracted paralytic polio and was left to manage on my own by my drug addicted mother. It's no wonder I suffered a knee injury in December 2014 working with a massage therapist who was non committal in touch, intention and presence.

Fortunately, through the grace of the Universe and all that I set in motion for my healing through my poetry conjuring up healers in my mind's eye, I found my way to Jeffrey. He gets out of the way to allow Divine Intelligence to flow through him and his powerful positive quality touch using the method he pioneered, facilitates my body's natural ability to heal. He brings unconditional love, non-judgment, a grounding and strength and a powerful intention to help me reclaim my advantage and reclaim my life through the work. Through his methodical exploration and working with the whole body throughout the treatment, his hands are his eyes to experience what is needed to help the body restore balance and wholeness, helping me to feel (w)holy integrated.

It's fun now for me to harness the power of Divine Intelligence when I'm out on a run or going about my daily life. Morning and evening meditation keeps me connected to Source so I become the creator rather than the victim of my life and the circumstances of my past. I like to say that Jeffrey's healing hands and heart help me to create the masterpiece of my life.

A powerful force gets unleashed when we harness the power of love and Divine Intelligence....

a very powerful force that I use to create the miracle of healing in my life, to reclaim my advantage and reclaim my life and transcend the toxic effects of my past.

To your health and wellness,

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