Sunday, January 1, 2017

Going the Distance: Two Weeks from Today! Taper Time! Happy New Year!

Yesterday Tom and I wrapped up our training for Bermuda Marathon Weekend with 6 miles on the treadmill at Wave Health and Fitness. It was cold and there were patches of black ice. Being this close to gun time we were not going to risk a thing!

On our way home, we needed to stop at Marathon Sports Brookline to get Tom a new Garmin. His TomTom had gotten lost. We were warmly greeted by Will who was our earth angel during our soggy 12 mile run last week, and the store manager John. Will mentioned he was looking for us on his morning run around the Reservoir hoping to see us. "We didn't want to take any chances," I said..."It was cold and icy." "Yeah it was," Will said and added, "I ran in shorts. Not a good idea...." John, Will and Kate (who was the store manager in John's absence last week), were so excited about our upcoming race-cation. John suggested that I bring back a poster or the program or something that I could sign and he could hang in the store. He suggested that I autograph it and people will ask if Mary McManus is a famous athlete. He will say, "She sure is." When they ask my pace he will say, "She's fast. Really good." They helped Tom choose his Garmin, we wished each other Happy New Year and hugs all around wishing us the very best on race weekend. We told them about Tom's four t shirts and four medals for the Bermuda Triangle Half Challenge.

What a perfect way to wrap up our training and ring out 2016!

2017 is getting off to a great start! The weather was beautiful today in Boston. I allow my eyes to feast on green grass and anywhere there is green...a treat for those of us in New England. I've received Facebook messages and posts from friends near and far. I was blessed to receive the first draft of the Foreword for "Going the Distance: The Power of Endurance," from Jacqueline Hansen who has graciously agreed to compose the Foreword. Her words are so beautiful and eloquent that I need tissues every time I read it!

Today Tom and I went for a strength training work out and recovery swim with lots and lots of stretches. It was just what I needed to ease the swelling in my right knee and to bring comfort and healing to a blister that began to form when we did our 12 miler in the rain. I flushed with ice water after my shower and it's feeling so much better. I focus on everything getting ready for two weeks from today.

Here I am ready to embrace taper time.

I tell myself to trust my training and focus on everything happening with ease. Arriving at the airport with ease. Smooth flights. Having Bermudaful weather. Staying loose until my gun time on Sunday and enjoying cheering on Tom at the Front Street Mile. We agreed that he'd go off and run the 10K while I relax by the Rosedon Hotel pool. Enjoying time together unplugged is going to be so wonderful. I am not bringing my laptop and have my array of reading material. Even though I have read Jacqueline Hansen's book, I want to reread it!

A week from this Thursday we are Bermuda bound!

Two weeks from today I run my SECOND CONSECUTIVE Bermuda Half Marathon! It's a miracle that I have such beautiful momentum on my health and wellness journey now. I am going to savor taper time this year enjoying the feeling of accomplishment of 6 months of intense training.

2017 is looking mighty fine! Happy New Year!

To your health and wellness,

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