Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! Countdown to Bermuda: I've Got This! Embracing Taper Madness!

My body needs a run ... a long run of 13.1 miles but I know this time of rest, hydration and fueling is so important as I countdown to my second CONSECUTIVE Bermuda Half Marathon. I'm so blessed with a village that is supporting me, reminding me that I've got this. I am so well trained and there is no need to fret over any little twinges that happen in my body.

Going on a race-cation adds an extra umph to taper madness as I obsess over packing and getting to the airport on time. A mind that has been tampered with by trauma is especially vulnerable to worry and feeling angst and anxiety fearing the worst. Without my medicine, and running is my medicine, I work a little harder to remember who I am; a woman transformed - factory new free from the shackles of the past and now able to reclaim my life and reclaim my advantage. I replay that last 12 mile long run in torrential rain with a cold wind. It was an incredible confidence booster since it's going to be at least 30 degrees warmer and even if it rains (there's only a 40% chance of rain - yes - incessantly checking weather forecast - guilty) it will only add to the sense of adventure.

Two more sleeps and we will be heading to Logan International Airport. I've got a checklist for Wednesday night and Thursday morning. I am giddy as a school girl one minute and the next minute I am overwhelmed with emotion. I feel anxious and tight one minute and then relaxed, content and at ease. Fortunately I have a steadfast partner in Tom who reminds me that I cannot add any more clothes to the clothes I've already set aside to pack, that everything will go smoothly and that I will run that Half Marathon on Sunday. Of course he has his version of taper madness going on since he is running the Bermuda Half Challenge! But after 40 years of being together, we complement each other well.

I am also incredibly blessed to have Jeffrey Spratt, MT both as my master muscular therapist and my boss. We had a great meeting today getting everything ready for while I am away. We have a presentation coming up and a paper to submit about the work we are doing as well as meetings with some fabulous people who are interested in the trauma recovery work we are doing and the Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy in general. Fortunately Jeffrey has been working with athletes for over 15 years and knew just what I needed to manage the taper crazies today - our last meeting before I leave on Thursday.

Tomorrow I will be blessed by the power of Jeffrey's positive quality touch getting me race ready for 13.1 on January 15th. This time of taper madness is a wonderful time for me to explore the habitual thoughts and feelings I harbored as a result of growing up in a violent alcoholic household. Thanks to the work I have been doing with Jeffrey, the old habitual thoughts and feelings pass through me rather than sink their tallons into me robbing me of this time of joyful and anxiety-ful anticipation. When the veil of trauma is pulled away, it unveils excitement, pre-race jitters and gratitude - deep gratitude that I have arrived in this moment in my life and can embrace rather than suffer with taper madness.

Two more sleeps until Bermuda. Five more sleeps until Team McManus toes the starting line of their second CONSECUTIVE Bermuda Half Marathon. Ten years since the diagnosis of post polio syndrome and two years since the diagnosis of a knee that was going to need a total knee replacement and no more running!

What a journey! So blessed to be able to reclaim advantage and reclaim life in the wake of the one two punch of paralytic polio and trauma and be Bermudaful bound!

To your health and wellness,

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