Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Going the Distance: This just got real!

As runners we often say sh** just got real as we are aware of the start of a big event.

I've been training for the Bermuda Half Marathon since July. Unlike last year, when I had not run distance since the 2009 Boston Marathon, I had a very strong base after running the 2016 Bermuda Half Marathon. I added an extra day of cardio for training this year with the Arc Trainer and Bike at Wave Health and Fitness.

I've lost track of time as I've been building miles and strength.

Bermuda Marathon Weekend posted on Facebook this morning, "It's beginning to look a lot like race morning."

This is what we saw in January on race morning:

While I was cross training on the Bike after my work out on the Arc Trainer it suddenly hit me! One more long run and then taper time! We leave 3 weeks from Thursday and the race is 3 weeks from Sunday. I couldn't believe it. It's almost here!

I took pause.

Ten years ago I faced a frightening diagnosis and an uncertain future. The diagnosis of post polio syndrome, a progressive neuromuscular disease by Western Medicine standards was handed down to me. It could have been a death sentence if I would have let it. I had to use a wheelchair at times for mobility, wore a toe up leg brace, a cane, a wrist splint for carpel tunnel syndrome. I had to be on a semi soft food diet and use chin tuck for semi solid foods and drink liquids through a straw to not aspirate food and liquids into my lungs. Because of my compromised respiratory system I was told to get a sleep apnea machine - I refused that piece of advice! I was told to quit my award winning job at the VA as a social worker which I ultimately did and that the best we could hope for was to stabilize the symptoms. Adapt our Cape house because for certain I would be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life!

Instead, I got still and asked for Divine Guidance and discovered the gift of poetry in my soul that began to awaken a part of me to possibility. Ahhh the power of imagination!

Two years ago I had a serious knee injury and was told I'd need a total knee replacement in a couple of years. No running but if you do no more than a 5K oh okay they reluctantly agreed - 5 miles AT MOST!

I fired everyone and made way for the Universe to deliver my now beloved friend and chiropractor Dr. Ryan Means.

With Dr. Ryan on my team I've been able to go the distance in healing the effects of paralytic polio that I contracted at age 5 followed by 9 years of unending violence beginning when I was 8 years old.

So here I am...poised and oh so ready to take on my second CONSECUTIVE Bermuda Half Marathon.

The weather is looking okay for Saturday! If need be we can get in a swim on Saturday and run on Sunday. Temps are moderate both days for this time of year.

I've definitely beaten the odds and feel accomplished with my training.

It hit me today - this just got real and it's time to start making the list for packing and setting aside clothes. It's also time to celebrate healing and express my deepest gratitude to all who have supported me on the roads and in my life.

Ten years --- ten years! I am a woman transformed.

To your health and wellness,

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