Thursday, December 24, 2015

Countdown to Bermuda: A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

"No matter how your heart is grieving..if you just keep believing...your dream that you wish will come true."

Three weeks from today at this very moment I will be on Delta Flight 561 traveling from Boston to Bermuda. It will be the manifestation of a wish - a dream of mine to run the Bermuda Half Marathon. Three years ago I had seen the Race Weekend advertised. I set forth the intention that one day I would return to Bermuda not only without a leg brace and using a wheelchair to travel but would run the Bermuda Marathon the year I turned 60. Okay so it will be the year I turn 63 and it will be the half but it is a dream come true!

Tomorrow I run 12.5 miles - 12.5 on 12/25 - my 62nd birthday.

Today I get to spend the day with Tom preparing mind, body and soul to go the farthest distance I have run since 4/20/09. It's only .5 miles farther than what we ran last Saturday.

I am totally confident in this undertaking.

Yesterday I had a most remarkable treatment with Jeffrey Spratt,MT Owner and Principal of Spratt Muscular Therapies, LLC. In addition to a runner's flush, we cleaned out and healed trauma wounds. Jeffrey's winning personality (it really helps that he took theater courses in college) and compassionate presence combined with the power of his touch using the Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy moved things through me that I held tightly in my body and in my Being. In their wake I can feel new neuromuscular connections growing healing the breaches from paralytic polio and trauma. New memories are being imprinted in my body and in my Being. The cruelty I suffered at the hands and through the mouths of so many is transformed by Jeffrey's kindness and healing touch. I could feel Spirit move through him encouraging me to just let go of all that I carried and to put all of the burdens down and reclaim my advantage and reclaim my life from all who tried to steal my life and heart away.

As Jeffrey touched upon areas that had been affected by polio, violence and multiple surgeries I realized how incredibly resilient and strong I am. I was able to share with Jeffrey different memories as they surfaced and felt his compassion and his touch bathe the wounds expediting their healing in a way I have never known before.

Tomorrow is my 62nd birthday. I already have the best gifts! Tom is my running and life partner and we are getting up early to run 12.5 miles before our son and his girlfriend arrive for Christmas/birthday dinner. I am healing all that went before. I feel the transformation happening gaining momentum with each treatment turbo charged by my meditation and all that I do in my training. This year I have the gift of working again and spreading the word about a remarkable man, Jeffrey Spratt, and his A team of therapists. I'll be working today organizing what needs to be organizing and getting us ready for a blockbuster of a year in 2016.

My life is truly remarkable. It's been a phenomenal year of challenges, of growth, of transformation and of profound and lasting healing.

A wish is a dream your heart makes ...

What's your Christmas wish?

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