Sunday, December 27, 2015

Countdown to Bermuda: Watch me now! - Three Weeks From Today

Three weeks from today at this exact moment I will be sitting around the pool at the Rosedon Hotel wearing my bling (which begs the question does bling go with a bathing suit?) after having successfully run the Bermuda Half Marathon.

It's been 6 long years since I have gone the distance.

I have had to raise my voice above the nay sayers in my life since I was a little girl. I had to overcome the challenge of paralytic polio and then find a way to endure and survive 9 years of childhood violence. After being diagnosed with post polio syndrome, a progressive neuromuscular disease 9 years ago this month, I came out of my leg brace, rose from my wheelchair and went on to run the 2009 Boston Marathon.

It was a rocky road as I was finding my footing on my healing path. And then I met Ryan J. Means, DC who invited me um no it was stronger than that - who told me I MUST read "You Are the Placebo" by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Yes - I remember all of this! I know I am the placebo. I've healed so much in my life through thought alone. I've got this.

The doctor, PT's and my previous massage therapist said I couldn't run/shouldn't run anymore and if I did well cap it off at a 5K or at most 5 miles.

And then I met Jeffrey Spratt,MT, Owner and Principal of Spratt Muscular Therapies who asked me, "What leg are we rehabbing" and whose innovative Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy helped me to reclaim my advantage and reclaim my life.

The hay is in the barn! 12.5 miles in the books and now it's maintain and taper time. Today I did strength training. Tomorrow - cross training and active recovery in the pool. Tuesday a 5K. Wednesday treatments with Jeffrey for Team McManus. Thursday - rest day and Friday 11 miles.

I sit here smiling from ear to ear feeling goosebumps everywhere! It's all happening. It's all possible. With courage, strength of Spirit and resilience I came back from a knee injury last December side stepping the mainstream medical community to find my path.

There were so many people out there throughout my life who told me I can't...and to each and every one of them I say, "Watch me now."

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