Saturday, November 12, 2016

Going the Distance: DOUBLE DIGITS! Positive Momentum!

Bermuda Marathon Race Weekend's
website tells us that it is 61 days until Bermuda Race Weekend 2017.

Today we hit another milestone in our training - double digits - yup 10 miles are now in the Bank of Bermuda. I could have gone for the 13.1 today. It would have hurt without a doubt but I could have done it.

I've known that the body achieves what the mind believes since I began my healing quest in December of 2006 after the diagnosis of post polio syndrome, a progressive neuromuscular disease.

With training for and running my 2nd CONSECUTIVE Bermuda Half Marathon, I am achieving something I haven't done before - consistently train, recover and then train again for a long distance event.

It's a whole lot of thrilling and exhilarating and a little scary but after today's double digit run I know I've got this.

I've often said that training for an endurance event is a lot like going through a pregnancy. The body and mind go through so many changes. After the event is over, much like after giving birth, you forget all the pain you went through and are just so excited at the prospect of doing it all over again!. The body goes through a lot of changes training for an endurance event-especially mine that is still healing from the effects of paralytic polio and violence - and it's quite the journey to build miles and count down to an event I'll have been training for these past several months. Another way training for an endurance event is like being pregnant is that the body goes through different cravings. During our run today, we were trying to figure out what our post run fueling meal would be. We went from Zaftig's Deli and an omelette with bagel and coffee to each of us craving something with mashed potatoes and then realizing we both wanted fish... so we settled on Legal Seafood for a post run "lunner." That's lunch and dinner combined.

It was a gorgeous day for a run and since it was moderate temps and little wind (although it did pick up later on in our run) we decided to go to South Boston.

In the wake of this past week's events, it was exactly what we needed:

Running is our therapy!

It's a sacred time for us to be together to laugh, to cry and to experience this miracle of healing happening in my life.

I was tired, sore, hungry and incredibly happy at the end of our 10 mile run today:

I reminded myself of a mantra I used last year while adding miles and counting down to Bermuda: My body recovers quickly and with ease from the challenges I present.

When we finished the run, we stretched and I had another banana and lots of hydration. After a great meal at Legal Seafood, a warm epsom salts bath, a hot shower with a cold water flush at the end, getting into my sweats and writing this blog, I am ready to relax with a movie, "Four Weddings and a Funeral." I feel overjoyed with our milestone of ten miles today and feeling positive momentum in my health and wellness journey.

To your health and wellness!

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