Sunday, August 21, 2016

Going the Distance: Seven Sensational Miles - "Hey Bermuda!"

The sea air was pungent with the distinctive briny smell as we began our 7 mile training run from Castle Island to the JFK Library and back.

"I thought I spotted you two from a mile away," Tino, a member of our running club said. We paused for a few minutes and got caught up, fist pumped and went on our way. It felt wonderful to reconnect with Tino who reminded us that our L Street Running Club BBQ is next Sunday. With all of our time consumed with caring for our daughter in recent months, we'd been out of the loop. It was a wonderful reminder that Tom and I need to move forward in our lives now that all the services and help is in place for our daughter.

Despite the warmth and humidity of the day, we were comfortable with the sea breeze. We paused for a moment to acknowledge the spot where I had fallen just about a year ago at this time during our 6.5 mile training run. Tom and I reflected on how far I've come in my healing journey. Tom commented to me today how much lighter I seem and how the miles just seem to fly by. We know our fueling and hydration plan now. I have a new iPhone that has a much longer battery life than my old one that lasts during the training run and a new playlist.

I told him it's definitely lovelier the second time around.

We stopped at Carson Beach bathhouse for a pit stop. When I came out of the bathroom Tom was having a conversation with a woman on crutches. She's recovering from knee surgery. Tom was sharing my journey with her. She gave me a high five and her email address because she wanted to learn more about my healing journey.

Heading back to Castle Island and our starting point, Tom yells out "Hey Bermuda." He spotted a runner wearing a Bermuda 10K race t shirt. We paused to chat for a few moments and Mike and his wife Mary live in South Boston so run the Pleasure Bay loop for training quite often. For the last two years he has run the Bermuda Half Challenge. He is in reinsurance. The trip is part business and a whole lot of pleasure.

"Where do you stay when you're down there?"

"Do you know where the Hamilton Princess is? Well there's this hotel right across the way."

"The Rosedon! Oh my God that's where we stay." We talked about how much we love Muriel Richardson, the hotelier who manages the property and the breakfast and tea and being so close to Front Street.....

Mike got Tom really pumped for the Front Street Mile saying how you feel like a celebrity runner being on Front Street with the flood lights and everyone cheering you on. We talked about the Pickled Onion which coincidentally is where Mike and his wife go on Sunday for post race brunch with a local Bermudian running group. That's where Tom and I went for our post Half Marathon celebratory brunch.

Not a half hour before, I was saying to Tom how proud I am of him doing the Half Challenge this year and how excited I am for his 4 medals. I joked about how he won't get through security at the airport. Mike commented about the medals and that we should bring an extra suitcase!

We were riding high for the last 2 miles of our training run feeling the excitement of returning to Bermuda this year.

We finished our run and were doing a cool down walk to our car. We couldn't quite seem to capture the light for our post run selfie so we decided to take it over by the car.

"Are those the McManuses?" my dear friend Jennifer called out!.....

Meeting up with another runner friend put the icing on the cake for this most magical day! We talked about her training for New York and shared in the beauty of the day. We just had to include her in our post run selfie:

One of my friend's on Facebook shared with me that she was with Anthony and Clarence, the Race Directors from Bermuda at the Falmouth Race Expo. The energy all around was electric and I was in awe of the synchronicity.

We took 5 minutes off of last week's 7 mile training run and thoroughly enjoyed 7 sensational miles filled with serendipity and synchronicity.

Hey Bermuda - we're coming for you.

To your health and wellness!

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