Saturday, August 20, 2016

Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! Training for Bermuda-Lovelier the Second Time Around

A Facebook memory popped up from a year ago reminding me of last year's blog post, Healing, Hugs and Divine Intelligence.

Last year I was working to reclaim my advantage and reclaim my life partnering with Jeffrey Spratt,MT and garnering the works of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Candace Pert, What the bleep do we know and of course, my coach/healer/chosen dad of decades, Dr. Bernie Siegel.

This year I am feeling such confidence as I go the distance training for the Bermuda Half Marathon. There is so much that has healed in spite of experiencing a "tonnage" of stress as Jeffrey calls it, with our daughter's struggles with her mental health.

I am posting photos from last year's time in Bermuda. I said to Jeffrey in my last treatment that there are so many wonderful photos I wish I could have more than one cover photo at a time. He suggested I rotate them over the next months of training.

One of my dear friends, Nicole wrote, "You've got this," as I shared this photo

with this quote:
#runbermuda #reclaimadvantage #reclaimlife We've got 7 miles on tap for tomorrow to deposit into the Bank of Bermuda training for the Bermuda Half Marathon. I have so many favorite memories from Bermuda that I will be sharing them as my cover photo as we enjoy our training. Tom McManus is taking on the Bermuda Half Challenge -- Front Street Mile on Friday, 10K can you say hills on Saturday and Sunday running the Half with me. I just keep smiling and feeling deeply grateful for the gift of running, health and wellness in my life and that I can reclaim advantage and reclaim life leaving the effects of trauma and paralytic polio in the dust! Be sure to end your day with a positive thought and something that makes you smile. Here's another great photo from Bermuda....Thank you Ann Kucharski for capturing Team McManus at the start.

The most wonderful feeling came over me before heading out on our 7 miler today that yes I've got this.

I'm in a groove with training now; quite a contrast to the fear I experienced building the miles last year as echoes of that pesky injury from December 2014 loomed in the back of my mind. But each week as I built miles, Jeffrey was helping me to build confidence and tap into my "factory new" leg as he likes to call it.

We had a most magical training run today which I will save for tomorrow's blog post...but for now let me just say that training for the Bermuda Half Marathon is so much lovelier the second time around...

To your health and wellness,

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