Saturday, August 27, 2016

Going the Distance: How far ya goin' today?

I love our long runs on Saturday mornings at Castle Island. We always bump into someone we know and today we bumped into 3 someones we know from L Street Running Club.

Our dear friend Tina said, "Now there's a good looking couple." She and her 2 friends had just finished their long run getting ready to run the Chicago Marathon in a few months. "7 and a half today I replied."

"It's getting hot," Tina noted and offered us some ice water. We told her we are all set and went on our way.

There is something incredibly sweet and delicious about training for the Bermuda Half Marathon the 2nd time around. I feel such joy and confidence when I get out and run...even when it's a challenging run like today with the heat and a headwind. We went out too fast given the conditions but unlike a run last year when we went out too fast, I was able to regulate and regroup with relative ease.

Tom and I shared a lot of laughs and joy on this run.

I submitted an application to become a Reef Runner Ambassador for Bermuda Marathon Weekend.

I had always imagined myself being an Ambassador for something in the running world given my triumphs in overcoming the effects of paralytic polio and trauma. What sweet redemption it would be to go from "Easy out Alper" and all the taunting and jeers I experienced growing up as a survivor of paralytic polio to a Reef Runner Ambassador for the Bermuda Marathon Weekend.

Of course it really doesn't change anything. I'm celebrating the fact that I can get out there and run and go through a 5 day training cycle to experience positive momentum in my health and wellness journey. I'm so excited anticipating our time in Bermuda in January. We've extended our stay an extra day to thoroughly enjoy the day after we run the Half Marathon and hoping to get to the beach this time to experience that luscious pink sand and "crystal clear waters warmed by the Gulf Stream."

We've got another 7.5 miles in the Bank of Bermuda taking it slow and steady as we build miles and count down to a most magical Marathon weekend. Tom will be getting in his hill training because he is going to take on the Bermuda Triangle Half Challenge - 3 races, 3 days and 4 medals!

How blessed am I to be able to go out on a training run, running partner by my side and a wonderful running tribe who asks, "How far ya goin' today?"

To your health & wellness,

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