Monday, February 9, 2015

Wisdom from the Robin

Amidst the falling snow, a robin perched on what I affectionately call my little tree outside of my office window. My little tree has deep, strong roots and has weathered every major storm since we moved to our house almost 20 years ago. Its branches are deceptively fragile in appearance yet it can hold the weight of any bird that chooses to light there.

Here in New England we are braving a series of snowstorms that has gridlocked traffic, closed businesses and schools and wreaked havoc with everyone's routine. The ground was bare until just a few weeks ago and as we turned the corner into February we believed that we were heading toward Spring home free in terms of snowfall for the winter. Mother Nature always has a mind of her own. There will be no shortage of water in our reservoirs once warmer weather returns that's for sure and each of us is learning soul lessons as we move through these moments.

The robin isn't always a harbinger of Spring. If there is adequate food in the area, robins won't migrate. They are here to help us through the winter!

From Spirit Animals:Robin:

If Robin has flown into your life;

He signifies stimulation of new growth and renewal in many areas of life. He teaches that any changes can be made with joy, laughter and a song in your heart. Robin shows you how to ride the winds of passion within your heart and become independent and self reliant through this change. Robin will teach you how to move forward with grace, tenacity, perseverance and assertion. Are you letting go of personal dramas? Ones that no longer serve your higher purpose? Are you exercising compassion and patience in mental, spiritual and emotional areas? Robin will teach how to incorporate new beginnings with faith and trust in the process. It is time to believe in yourself and use the inspiration that is given. Listen carefully. It is time to sing your own song for a new period in your life.

If Robin is your Animal Totem:

If Robin is your personal animal totem you have the ability to will new growth into your life at any given moment. All you have to do is make a wish, be patient, and watch how it comes true. You have the ability to find contentment in all types of circumstances and find pleasure in the simple things in life.

Robins teach us how to weather the storm and to manage conflict and adversity with a song. Did you know that male robins immersed in territorial disputes sing to each other?

It's often a challenge to see beyond the falling snow and the piles of snow that are already on the ground and remember that Spring will come again. It's easy to fuel our fears and doubts and frustrations bracing against what is rather than surrender to Mother Nature's offerings.

Let's harness the wisdom from the robin knowing that with patience, faith and trust, that all will be well; that we can navigate these storms with grit and determination making the best we possibly can out of the situation focusing on gratitude for our homes, for our food. Like the robin that flies in the face of the storm, we get to discover our strength and courage and trust that Grace is happening. As the robin lands with faith and confidence on my little tree, so too can we allow ourselves to land with confidence in this moment, knowing we are being supported by the Unseen Hand of Love.

Journey well!

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