Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Patience and Confidence

When we are in the midst of getting from here to there, it is so hard to have patience and trust that all will be well. It may take more time and effort than we had originally planned to get through whatever it is we need to get through but while we are on the journey we can imagine a wonderful "there". For me, I am imagining that first warm, dry day of Spring with the sun shining wearing only a light jacket to go outside.

When we have patience and don't panic, we are able to allow for the time needed to have things evolve and work out as they are meant to work out. Our angel roofer Eddie told us that the leak in our ceiling would stop after several hours. The phrase a watched pot never boils and a leaking ceiling never stops if you watch it applies here. We put old t shirts in a big pot and a pail, went to bed and when we woke up, the ceiling had stopped leaking! Initially there were no leaks anywhere but as the sun hit our house, even though the temperatures are freezing, melting began and we sprung a leak through our back door. I brought out the duct tape, Tom is coming home from work to help assess and tape and clear off ice on the top of the awning that may be the culprit for the dripping and I'll go to my Aquatics Therapy class entrusting our home to the angels.

I received a call from our insurance company. Homes are covered for damage caused by ice dams. He was so wonderful and supportive telling me that as a claims adjuster and a homeowner going through the same thing, he is working hard to provide support and expedite claims. When I told him I had to put down the duct tape and get a pen and paper, he said it's something new every day isn't it?

When all the leaking started, I freaked out. One thing that frightened me was a flash from the past when I was left all alone to figure things out and straighten out messes from a very messy family. Who was honorable and trustworthy who was going to help us? So many of my friends sent an outpouring of support and resources. Everything I need is available to us. I was and am never alone but there are those feelings of wondering when and how will it end and the panic of a child and adolescent mind. Through meditation I am able to calm myself and bring myself back to the present. I use that time to also reflect on the blessings and grace that abound in my life and the confidence that no matter what, I can indeed journey well. I reflected on the miracle of my emerging from my family situation and the goodness that was there. My Zadie, my grandfather had the roofing business with my Uncle Al in Philadelphia. He was a wonderful story teller and adored having all of his grandchildren in a circle around him after we'd feast on bagel, lox, chub fish and sticky buns. I know he had a hand in sending us Eddie the roofer. The name of Eddie's business is Brookline Roofing and Sheet Metal. My Zadie's business was Alper and Sons Roofing and Sheet Metal.

When I had injured my knee, in the midst of the swelling and pain I wondered if I would ever be able to walk again. After a few days of rest, I walked with a cane. After another week of building core strength, I walked without the cane. Would I be able to use my recumbent bike again without pain? Oh yes and now I am up to 40 minutes and 8+ miles. It takes patience and discipline for me to adhere to my health and wellness program. I need to trust in and feel confidence in my body's tremendous healing capacity. I am building a team of wonderful complementary providers to support the work that I do each and every day and that will help me to get back on the roads and age well.

Patience and time - powerful warriors to navigate through stressful times.

Journey well!

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