Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Day of Remembrance - My Hope for Today

Thirteen years ago today I was seeing a patient in my office at the VA Outpatient Clinic on what was a glorious New England September morning. Upstairs, the Drop In Center had on the TV as they did every morning while veterans gathered with coffee and donuts to shoot pool and be part of a safe, therapeutic milieu to help them heal.

When I came out of my office to see if my next patient had arrived, everyone was gathered together looking for leadership or guidance of what we were to do next. They filled me in on the scant details we knew at the time. We shared our building on Causeway Street with State employees. They evacuated. As federal employees we were ordered to stay in place.

The phone lines were busy but eventually I was able to get through to my husband who fortunately was at home for the day. He would be available to our 8th grade twins. My job as a clinical social worker was to be available to the veterans to provide support and crisis intervention.

Last Saturday I was interviewed on The Jordan Rich Show. Jordan asked me how did I not become angry and bitter after living through 9 years of unrelenting violence; sexual and physical assaults at the hands of my father and grandmother. He went on, thinking out loud, you turned it inward didn't you?

Indeed I did until my body, mind and Spirit cried out for healing in the form of post polio syndrome, a progressive neuromuscular disease.

Gratitude and forgiveness became the cornerstones of my foundation for healing. I looked to the wisdom of those who went before me who also suffered man's inhumanity to man to find comfort and healing.

On this, the 13th anniversary of 9/11, my hope is that we can experience healing.

I'd like to soften never forget into always remember...always remember and hold dear in your heart those who died. Love never dies and they are with us today to bless our lives with the legacy and memories they left behind.

Always remember the bravery of those on the flights and those who lost their lives saving others. Always remember the kindness, caring and compassion that followed 9/11 and let us remember that we don't need a tragedy to be kind, caring and compassionate to ourselves and to each other.

Always remember that love is stronger than fear and darkness never wins.

My hope for today is that when we face a person's wrath, we can maintain equanimity within ourselves. When life circumstances shake us to the core, my hope for today is that we do remember who we are and be soft

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