Saturday, August 12, 2017

Run Bermuda! Run Happy! A No Trash Bag Needed Kind of Run - 7 Sensational Miles in the Bank of Bermuda!

As we were running up what I affectionately call Billy's Hill celebrating the anniversary of my PR at the Bill Rodgers 5K Run and Walk for Prostate Cancer on August 10th, 2014

I "challenged" Team McManus to come with as many descriptive "s" words as we could for our 7 mile run on the road to the Bermuda Marathon Weekend.


you get the idea and then ... sunshiny!

Last night the pouring rain woke me up. I had visions of trash bags over our running clothes as we had done while training for our 11 miler on the road to Bermuda Marathon Weekend 2017. I fell back to sleep and when I woke up, the clouds were breaking. Weather on our phones still called for a chance for rain later in the morning. I rallied Team McManus to hit the roads before the rains would come again as they had last week during the last .6 mile of our run.

Instead of clouds with the threat of a shower, there was sunshine and blue skies!

We were going to do our around the Reservoir loops and then run to the smaller Reservoir to wrap up our 7 miles.

Since August 10th was the anniversary of my PR at the Bill Rodgers 5K, I was inspired to ask Team McManus if they'd like to run up Billy's Hill as part of our training run. Since it was the 2nd week we were running 7 miles, we do like to incorporate a more challenging run.

Challenging indeed but we charged up the hill as we reminisced about that day in August when I dug deep and gave it all I had to finish strong.

I love runs where we improvise our route. We took a right and ran through part of the Boston College campus, down Commonwealth Avenue, one and a half loops around the Reservoir to home and then an out and back loop of another 1.4 miles.

We ran without music and we ran without rain
we felt all the glory and triumph
we felt all of the pain.
Seven sweet miles sensational stunning we soar
Team McManus high spirited
going the distance once more.
You ask why we do we this
why do you all run
is there something to prove
why must you get this done?
Running is our way of life
it fills us mind, body and soul
training for a Half Marathon
it's our path to feeling whole.
We run together we run side by side
living fully in the moment
in tandem a rhythm to our stride.
To inspire others and to be our best selves yet
words can't describe it
just try it a runner's high you're sure to get.
Time now to recover
four more days of training you'll see
with swimming, strength training, another run
to be the best we can be.
Next week we up the mileage
7.5 will be our longest run to date
running a threepeat of the Bermuda Half Marathon
our kismet - our destiny - our fate.

It was a no trash bag needed kind of 7 sensational miles in the Bank of Bermuda!

Go the distance with strength and courage!

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