Monday, September 5, 2016

Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! Liberty - Dimes From Heaven!

Before partnering with Jeffrey Spratt, MT whose philosophy of massage therapy is:

I was carrying around a ton of trauma. I carried it in my body, in my beliefs and in the very fiber of my Being.

Jeffrey pioneered the Spratt Method of Muscular Therapy; a method that I believe will revolutionize the way that trauma is treated along with many of the chronic health conditions that cripple so many. It's a method that Jeffrey developed after he experienced many unsatisfactory massage therapy sessions and a method that he discovered was effective in simultaneously bringing traumatic memories to the surface and bringing release, relief and healing.

I initially went to Jeffrey to rehab my left knee injury from December 2014 and get back to the sport of running which is my medicine and my therapy but I soon discovered that I was healing the aftermath of having contracted paralytic polio at age 5 and experiencing 9 years of unrelenting violence, neglect and torture rituals at the hands of family members.

There was breakthrough after breakthrough; emotional and physical releases along with clarity and awareness. There was the stress of our daughter's psychiatric condition that was also being attended to through the power of positive touch. The more that we clear out and heal the wounds from the past, the stronger I become to manage the stress in my present life. As Jeffrey likes to say, "This is the safe place where you get to lose your shit." And then I go on to reclaim my advantage and reclaim my life.

Last Wednesday's treatment was incredibly powerful as I had my day in Court.

As I was writing in my journal yesterday I had a totally new thought and feeling that came to me: "And how is that my fault?" And then another thought that I have "known" intellectually but was able to feel, "Every problem has a solution."

I held the blame, the guilt, the shame for everything that happened to me before working with Jeffrey. It was like a window opened in my brain and let in this fresh, clean air. Part of what keeps trauma survivors locked into their past is that the brain is looping the same beliefs that lead to the same behaviors over and over again thereby creating the same reality. (For more on this phenomenon, please refer to the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza). With this light bulb moment of a new thought (yes bear with me as I mix metaphors please) the prison cell door and my heart opened wide!

Coincidentally, I'd been finding dimes on the street all over the Seaport District where I work out and work. It started with a nickel which I handed over to Jeffrey saying, "This is a sign of abundance in the Universe." And the very next day I found a dime...and then found dimes during the past two weeks.

I found one with Tom after Saturday's long run and asked out loud, "Why do I keep finding dimes?"

I looked at the dime and the word "Liberty" jumped out at me. "Of course," I said, "I am liberating myself from the past and experiencing freedom in my life for the first time in this 10 year healing odyssey."

And then I went to google a picture of a dime for this blog:

and it became so clear to me as I looked at FDR's image and just happened to find this quote:!

And that is the reason Franklin is on the dime. He’s not on the twenty-dollar bill, or something fancy. He’s on the dime. He’d love that, because a dime is something everybody can have in their pocket. It’s not a thousand-dollar bill, it’s the dime. And it connects him to polio and to the March of Dimes, which is still doing all this amazing work for spinal cord injury today all over the world. Franklin created the March of Dimes.

FDR gave an address to the nation asking that everyone send in just one dime to fund the research to put an end to paralytic polio.

Liberty and liberation -- new beliefs creating new feelings and new feelings creating a new reality of my life -- one free from the effects of paralytic polio and trauma and the Universe blessing and affirming my journey with dimes from heaven!

To your health and wellness!

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