Saturday, July 23, 2016

Going the Distance: Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

Today's Facebook feed was filled with the theme of never giving up.

My dear friend and elite runner Reno's post popped up in my news feed:

It's so easy to return to negative thoughts and old habits of thinking and being. I woke up this morning feeling tired, tight and sore. Well it's no wonder! Family stress, juggling work and caregiver needs and maintaining a rigorous training schedule do add up. But oh how amazing that I am the caregiver rather than needing to be cared for having left the diagnosis of post polio syndrome in the dust.

I reminded myself that I am strong, healthy, whole. My left leg is factory new despite sometimes sensations to the contrary.

I practiced my affirmations and opened my heart to gratitude.

Tomorrow Team McManus toes the starting line of the Narrangasset Bay 5K. We did bib pick up today and were blessed to meet Champion Steve Jones and reunite with Champion Geoff Smith:

As I was doing research about Steve Jones, I found this video:

It's been quite the 10 year healing odyssey. I am so grateful and blessed that I did not give up and did not surrender despite many setbacks, working with less than honorable and competent body workers and the trauma of my nephew's suicide and the tragic events of 4/15/13. I shudder to think about all the adventures I would have missed and all the amazing people I never would have had the chance to meet.

It's quite the miracle that I continue to experience positive momentum and once again tomorrow I get to experience the joy of the running community, and running with Champions.

To your health and wellness,

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