Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Going the Distance:! On Intention, Affirmations and Outcomes

It all began with Dr. Ryan J. Means, a doctor of chiropractic medicine as we stood face to face in January of 2015. One would think it was a random meeting until he reached out to me with a Facebook message asking if we could meet for coffee so he could learn more about my healing journey. Meeting Ryan changed my life forever setting me on a course of health and wellness and quantum healing! We poured over Dr. Joe Dispenza's "You Are the Placebo" book together. I read Candace Pert's book, "Everything You Need to Know to Feel Go(o)d" at Ryan's suggestion and watched, "What the bleep do we know." As we sat having lunch the other day while he was on vacation from his practice in China, we reminisced about the work we had done together. He opened up my body with adjustments, intention and affirmations for healing and reminded me that I AM worthy of healing even though my childhood training led me to believe otherwise.

As I trained for the Bermuda Half Marathon last year, training in a way I never had before and running more miles than I had since I trained for the 2009 Boston Marathon, I set my intention to go the distance. I wrote these affirmations.

August 21, 2015
I run unencumbered swift with ease and free.
I allow healing of everything that went before and to stimulate my body's natural capacity to heal
I live in a new mind body living only in the present moment.
My body is healthy, whole, and strong, and I am stronger in the places where they tried to break me.
I allow my beautiful pure chi to flow freely and easily.
I may remember things from the past to integrate them into my consciousness; I only believe truth, love, light, and that I am a whole healthy vibrant woman and runner.
I am grateful for this opportunity to run long and run strong again.
I trust in my body's ability to meet the challenge of every experience that I present to it.
I run with courage, strength, fierceness, and determination.
There is going to be soreness and new sensations as I train in a way I've never trained before. I trust in my body's ability to recover from long runs, speed work, hills, and strength training workouts with ease.
I am so happy and grateful that Tom and Dr. Ryan are my partners on and off the roads.
I am so happy and grateful for the abundance of health and healing that is now mine to claim.
I love myself and consider only those thoughts that are going to propel me toward the finish line.
I am strong and I am determined and I am healthy and I am protected by divine love and angels and I am so grateful for their presence in my life.
I allow thoughts and fears to come and go and I greet them with kindness and compassion.
I am so happy and grateful for the amazing support of my running community and my village. And I know with their love, with their cheers, and with their support, Team McManus is going the distance.
I fall in love with the process and the results will come--a quote from Dr. Joe Dispenza

The universe has orchestrated everything that I need to be who I am truly meant to be which is a long distance runner.
Everything is healed. Everything is rewired.
I see myself through the eyes of the person I've become. A quote from What the bleep do we know!
I am filled with life and vibrancy and joy and gratitude and happiness so much happiness to be living this beautiful life that I live.
I grieve the past and I feel the sadness for what happened to me and then I feel a wellspring of joy bubbling up from deep within me knowing that spirit, Light, and love always win.

I started following Geoffrey Smith, two time Boston Marathon Champion and Race Director extraordinaire. He holds the record for the Bermuda Marathon Weekend 10K and he would #runhappy - the hashtag for the Bermuda Marathon Weekend. I added this to my list of affirmations:

Running successfully is all about adopting  a clear plan that includes easy, hard, and rest days. They are all important. Listen to your body. #RunHappy Geoff Smith

And so it came to pass that I successfully ran the Bermuda Half Marathon in January of this year. I went on to run the Hyannis 10K in February and then took a racing hiatus while I trained through my off season. A huge shout out of gratitude to Jack Fultz, Boston Marathon Champion who suggested I cross train on the Arc Trainer which, as good fortune would have it, is available at Wave Health and Fitness.

And as I affirmed almost a year ago - the Universe has orchestrated everything I need as go the distance and reclaim life enjoying training, momentum, races, a sense of health and wellness healing the effects of paralytic polio and trauma. Next up the Finish at the 50 Race and then I begin training for the Bermuda Half Marathon all over again!

To your health and wellness!

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