Sunday, January 25, 2015

People Who Are Boston Stronger: Meet Brittany Loring

Five weeks after "being hurt" (as Brittany references what happened to her on 4/15/13), Brittany Loring put down her crutch and walked across the stage to receive her combined degree in Law and an MBA at Boston College. Later that year, she got married and started a new job. Despite extensive injuries to her leg, arm, a fractured skull and shrapnel that could not be removed, she has a smile that lights up the room and a positive outlook on life as captured in this Dear World photo:

She is the definition of resilience with a generous heart and kindest of souls. Because she knew how the outpouring of kindness, love and support helped her to recover in the aftermath of 4/15/13, Brittany established the Brittany Fund for Trauma and Recovery.

BFTR was created to give back after so much was given to Brittany during her recovery. The notes, donations, and gifts from others helped move her along in her recovery, and she hopes to be able to provide the same comfort and care for others.We provide support to promote health and well-being for families and individuals affected by traumatic events.

Despite falling snow and temperatures, every stool was occupied at the Urban Paint Bar yesterday. As Brittany addressed the 45 people gathered for the Brittany Fund Paint Party, she said that she chose, "Cityscapes" the same painting she and her mom painted at a paint party the day before her life changed forever.

That painting hung in her hospital room and yesterday for Pam and Brittany Loring, a mother and daughter journey came full circle.

The room was filled with friends, family, other survivors of 4/15/13 and their friends and family. It was more than a fundraiser - it was a celebration of life and of what it means to be Boston Strong.

Here are a few photos that capture the joy of the event:

On Christmas Eve, Brittany presented a check to the first beneficiary of BFTR. Brittany recalled that moment with me yesterday and said, "I just wanted it to be so much more than what I was able to give her. We've got to raise a lot more money."

On 4/11/15, you will have the opportunity to join Brittany at the Boston Strong 2.62 Mile Benefit Run/Walk, 10am start, Winchendon, MA. Run solo or create a team for a chance to win prizes for the biggest team. Vendors, raffles, kid-friendly games, etc. to help raise money for the BFTR. All proceeds benefit the Brittany Fund for Trauma and Recovery with the mission of providing support to promote the health and wellbeing of families and individuals that have been affected by traumatic events.

You can register via this link.

Brittany lives with the effects of what happened that day but she does not let it define, defy or limit her. She lives with an attitude of gratitude, with grace and goodness. Brittany Loring is Boston Stronger1

Journey well!

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