Friday, January 23, 2015

Fundraising Friday: Meet Bill McCabe and the Ironwill Challenge

"To run a marathon is nothing compared to what these guys are going through to recover." - Bill McCabe, 61 years old, Stoneham Strong

Although Bill McCabe wasn't physically injured on 4/15/13, he felt the emotional impact of the events of that day. He was stopped on Boylston Street and his family was in harm's way. They were miraculously uninjured although they were only 100 feet away from the 2nd blast.

On 5/19/13, he ran the Boston Marathon course to finish the race:

On April 21st, 2014, Bill ran the Boston Marathon and embarked on a journey of 2,620 miles to raise money for Marc Fucarile, a buddy of his from Stoneham who sustained life threatening injuries in the blast. The Iron Will Challenge is to run 26.2 miles for each of the 100 days that Marc was in the hospital. Marc endures severe pain each and every day and is recovering from head trauma, leg amputation and shrapnel in his legs and heart. As Bill shares on his Ironwill Challenge website:

"Marc is a warrior and his entire family are seasoned soldiers who reinforce his march forward. The road to recovery is a steep hill that will be achieved one step at a time. God has a reason for Marc Fucarile to be alive. He is living proof that one act of terror breeds one thousand acts of kindness."

Marc in indeed a warrior with an iron will. He finished the 2014 BAA 5K:

and the 2015 Disney Half Marathon:

After completing the 2014 Boston Marathon, Bill went on to run the Earth Rock Marathon in North Andover, Mass six days later. He then traveled to Beijing for the Beijing Marathon on May 17th. He took on the TARC 100 miler on June 7th. He has been steadily approaching his goal of 2,620 miles for Marc and will achieve his goal when he crosses the finish line of the 2015 Boston Marathon in a little over two months.

He is running a marathon on every continent and in March travels to Antarctica.

Bill is a man on a mission to raise at least $26,260 for Marc's ongoing medical bills and to honor his tenacity.

Please generously donate what you can to support Marc in his recovery. You can donate via GoFundMe or by check to Marc Fucarile Fund C/O Stoneham Federal Credit Union 40 Pine Street Stoneham Ma. 02180

To learn more about the Ironwill Challenge, Bill, Marc and for media coverage visit the Ironwill Challenge website.

"To Give Anything Less Than Your Best Is To Sacrifice The Gift"
~Steve Prefontaine

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