Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I'm on a mission!

My regular blog readers know that I am a truth teller. Last night I had a complete meltdown about my injury and the status of my left knee. I was able to hold onto the feelings of gratitude that the injury is nothing more than a lateral meniscal tear and that there is degenerative joint disease with swelling. It is not life threatening in any way shape or form. It hurts and I'm frustrated I can't run right now but I was planning to take time off from running in the winter and focus on cross training. I was tired feeling the cumulative effects of spending so much of my life recovering from polio, from trauma, and from surgeries.

I went to bed early and released whatever needed to surface and clear through my dreams and my system.

When I woke up at 6:15am, I left yesterday's feelings to yesterday and I embraced the new day.

I am doing the 30 day plank challenge. I have to modify it given my age and conditioning. This morning I was able to hold it for 50 seconds.

I shook off any feelings of being tired, dressed for Spaulding's Aquatics Therapy class, had my breakfast and before my body knew what was happening, we were in the pool for Joint Integrity class.

I'm on a mission to heal, to feel a new kind of physical strength by using more of my body than I have in the past.

I'm on a mission to shed the image of myself as a polio and trauma survivor and go from this moment forward to experience my body and my Being in new ways.

Much of my 61 years has been spent in the shadow of polio, trauma, disease and surgeries but all that is changing and I am standing in my own spotlight.

I'm on a mission to claim my birthright to heal and to be the best version of myself I can possibly be. I'm on a mission to get back on the roads in better shape than I've ever been in to run. I can't wait to feel the joy of crossing the finish line as Team McManus again like we did this summer after running my first trail race ever with some serious elevation:

and I'm on a mission to set the world on fire with my message of how I learned and continue to learn to journey well ....

"Journey Well" available on Amazon, is a book about resilience, strength, courage and how we are able to journey well no matter what conditions life hands to us. I profile the people who are Boston Stronger and share how 4/15/13 was a wake up call to me to return to my healing path from contracting paralytic polio at age 5 and 9 years of domestic violence as a child and adolescent.

50% of book proceeds are donated to AccesSportAmerica where people of all ages and abilities achieve higher function and fitness through high challenge sports and training.

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