Saturday, December 13, 2014

It's the Hard That Makes it Great

I tend to not share much about my day to day challenges living with the residuals of paralytic polio. I use my mantra every day in every way I'm getting better and better from Emile Coue and a whole host of affirmations to keep me focused on the healing not on the wound. Even when there are physical challenges such as fatigue or lately having issues with my left leg and knee. I find greater ease, strength and optimism in being able to manage whatever happens or is happening in my physicality. I marvel at how well I am doing and how much healing has happened.

But in last Thursday's treatment at Sollievo Massage and Bodywork, I felt the profound sadness for the experience of paralytic polio. I said to Joseph that I wished there could have been an easier way. I got in touch with the pain of the physical therapy sessions yet I also got in touch with the love and care of my beautiful physical therapist, Miss Holly. I celebrated that I was able to regain mobility and that I have my leg.

My life has not been easy by any means. After paralytic polio and just beginning to walk again, domestic violence erupted as a result of drug and alcohol abuse in the family. It wasn't easy to go to school everyday and become high school valedictorian. It wasn't easy to choose a healing path after the diagnosis of post polio syndrome eight years ago. And it certainly wasn't easy to train for and run the 2009 Boston Marathon.

It's the hard that makes it great.

Out of those incredibly hard life experiences, I am the woman I am today. Were it not for those experiences, I would never have met the incredible people who are now in my life or live with passion, compassion, an open heart and be in touch with Spirit as deeply as I am.

It's the hard that makes it great and life becomes great when we embrace all that we have experienced with Truth, equanimity and gratitude.

Journey well my friends!

"Journey Well" available on Amazon, is a book about resilience, strength, courage and how we are able to journey well no matter what conditions life hands to us. I profile the people who are Boston Stronger and share how 4/15/13 was a wake up call to me to return to my healing path from contracting paralytic polio at age 5 and 9 years of domestic violence as a child and adolescent. I am thrilled that Sollievo Massage and Bodywork is hosting the Book Release Party for "Journey Well" on January 10th from 5:30-7:30pm.

50% of book proceeds are donated to AccesSportAmerica where people of all ages and abilities achieve higher function and fitness through high challenge sports and training.

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