Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Gingerbread Houses and Gumdrops - On Love, Magical Moments and Healing

"I'm going to be in Quincy at Ginger Betty's on Dec. 1st. I know you're on the South Shore. You want to meet up there and then decide where to go?" I messaged my friend Maureen Lamie.

"How do you know Ginger Betty?" Maureen messaged me back. "We went to the same high school. I used to go in there all the time when I lived in Quincy."

"I'll tell you when we meet up," I told Maureen....

and so an afternoon of love, magical moments and healing happened.

The delicious smell greeted us as soon as we opened the door. We felt a sense of childlike wonder as we were surrounded by gingerbread houses, gumdrop samples, Christmas music playing in the background and a feeling of being home.

My breath often catches when I am in a moment that was brought about by synchronicity. You can read about how I met Ginger Betty in my October post, "Ginger Betty Brings Sweetness and a Message of Peace to Life."

Ginger Betty gave us each a cookie .. her famous Gingerbetty Gingersnap cookies ... true to her motto, "Share cookies...make friends."

Maureen and I did not have a plan for the afternoon. We knew only that we wanted to spend time together. Surrounded by the warmth of Ginger Betty's we knew we didn't need to go anywhere else. We pulled up a stool and the conversation flowed with ease, joy, love and laughter, passion and purpose. Running and healing in the wake of April 15, 2013 was a theme.

Ginger Betty was wearing her MR8 hat. She continues to allow the creative process to flow to find ways to raise money for the Martin Richard Foundation.

The subject of my book signing came up and Ginger Betty said that she would love to do something for the event and plans to come. She took out her order book, wrote down the date and asked me to send her a copy of the book cover so she could get her creative juices flowing. I was surrounded by love and excitement for "Journey Well." I told Maureen that she is in the book and how moved I was to meet her at the Book Release Party for my memoir in May. She said that she remembered when she walked through the door I said to her, "I knew it was you." We hadn't met in person before May.

We discovered connections and coincidences as we lived, laughed and loved in the moment taking in the magic and wonder of what was happening. Soon the shop filled with after school children and mothers, and shoppers getting ready for Christmas. Pure love, joy and delight is the energy that fills Ginger Betty's Bakery. By the way, if you know of anyone looking for part-time seasonal work please send them Betty's way! Maureen and I thought about it and what a happy place it would be to work. We could run off the calories after work on Wollaston Beach.

Life is sweet you know. It's not always easy but the Universe has this way of making everything perfect. Three women who are resilient and strong; who live with open and tender hearts were blessed to share an afternoon of love, magical moments and healing.

My Book Release Party for Journey Well is on January 10, 2015 from 5:30-7:30pm at Sollievo Massage and Bodywork. 50% of my book proceeds are being donated to AccesSportAmerica where their mission is to help people of all ages and abilities experience higher function and fitness for people living with challenges through high challenge sports and training.

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