Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Going the Distance: The Healing Power of Goals

My goals after the 2017 Bermuda Half Marathon was to take some time off from training for a Half Marathon again, focus on the Hyannis 10K next February and then do a Half Marathon in the Fall of 2018.

But the Universe had other ideas .... and I sure am glad!

I have a goal - to run my 3rd CONSECUTIVE Bermuda Half Marathon in January 2018. It's a goal that moves me to set the alarm for an early morning run with Tom - and I mean early morning run to continue to build a solid running base and do the mental training to run in any kind of weather. Whatever the weather outside and whatever the weather inside of myself!

You can read about how this goal manifested itself in my blog, Run Bermuda! Run Happy!

My goals are not about time and PR's anymore.

In Sunday's Run for the Troops 5K, it felt wonderful to not feel the pressure that used to spontaneously erupt about feeling left behind; residue from having to lug a heavy leg brace after contracting paralytic polio and working so very hard to not feel left out. I ran from the inside out without regard for the time on the clock and had the best time running with the pack enjoying the challenge. I was able to enjoy the neighborhoods we ran through and connecting with friends out on the course.

My goals are about endurance, going the distance and enjoying the journey.

Of setting goals that are just right to challenge me but not place me at risk for injury or leave me feeling miserable in the process of trying to attain them.

Training for 13.1 miles is a challenge for anyone but especially me whose body has been through so much!

I thought I would be a Bermuda Half Marathon once and done kinda gal once I checked it off of my bucket list but then we decided to go for my second CONSECUTIVE Bermuda Half Marathon. It was a rough race and one in which I learned many lessons that I will bring with me as I train for and get ready to run my third CONSECUTIVE Bermuda Half Marathon.

Rather than put pressure on myself to exceed limits, I allow myself to move forward and meet and embrace challenges that make sense for me and my body right now.

Having the goals of training for and running my 3rd CONSECUTIVE Bermuda Half Marathon and then running the Hyannis 10K in February with no pressure for time goals allows my mind and body to heal from the ravages of polio and trauma while facilitating healing as I move beyond what would have been expected with the diagnosis of PTSD and Post-Polio Syndrome ten years ago.

Ahhh - the healing power of goals!

To going the distance with strength and courage!

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