Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A New Decade Begins - Team McManus' Hyannis Adventures - Part III -Celebration!

Team McManus had so much to celebrate after Sunday's 5K race. We crushed the course thanks to a flat, fast course and perfect weather conditions but more than the time, we celebrated Team McManus' reunion. We celebrated my anniversary of 10 years of healing after the diagnosis of Post-Polio syndrome, a progressive neuromuscular disease by Western Medicine standards and being able to run strong and healthy. Instead of being in a wheelchair, needing a sleep apnea machine, possibly needing a feeding tube and experiencing a rapid physical decline as I aged, I was feeling whole, vibrant and free!

We celebrated these last two years of quantum healing and steady, positive momentum in my healing journey after 8 years of experiencing a relapse of symptoms and injuries. We talked about how Dr. Ryan J. Means, a healer chiropractor got me back on my healing path after a serious knee injury in December of 2014 that Western Medicine said would be the end of my running career and that "they" said was the resurgence of Post-Polio syndrome. Dr. Ryan turned me onto the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza and the fire within me for self-healing partnering with a healer to go the distance was re-ignited. Dr. Ryan primed the pump for me to go the distance.

After the race, we went to a Hyannis classic restaurant, The Egg and I for brunch. It was great to greet other runners wearing bibs and medals on Main Street as we congratulated each other on another finish. One runner said, "There's nothing like starting the day off with a 5K race."

Our first server was having a VERY bad day and we were about to leave when this young man with exuberant energy came over to save the day. He was a student at Lasalle College in Newton not far from where we live. Food always tastes amazing after a run and even more amazing after a race!

We went back to the Hotel where runners for the Great Hyannis Road Races 10K and Half Marathon were coming into the final stretch of their run. While we waited in the parking lot to get the all clear to go, we cheered on the runners spotting one runner, Mary who is a regular at the Hyannis Marathon Weekend, aka Camp Hyannis every year and gave her a rousing shout out!

We decided to spend the rest of the day in Falmouth. The benefit of a 7:30am race start is that you have the whole day ahead to celebrate.

The sun was shining but there was a cool breeze which kept a lot of the Memorial Day beach goers away from Falmouth Heights Beach.

There is a delicious fragrance to the air in Falmouth that evoked so many wonderful memories of summers past in Falmouth. We reminisced about great times at different hotels on the Cape, walked on the beach, watched kites fly and continued to bask in the glory of our race.

We went into Town to do some shopping on Main Street. As we passed the 7/11, we remembered when we'd go to Falmouth when the Sea and Surf Anglers Club of Boston and Blue Waters Angler Club from Bermuda had their annual fishing tournament. The Bermudians were a lucky lot winning money on scratch tickets they bought at the 7/11.

We poked in and out of the quaint shops and enjoyed walking up and down Main Street soaking up all that is Memorial Day Weekend on Cape Cod.

It was time for a celebratory lunner (lunch and dinner) and there was only one place we were going to go ... The Flying Bridge! So many incredible memories of meals relished on the deck overlooking the harbor while we created new memories to last a lifetime.

Sharing is caring especially since we couldn't decide between different dishes. Salmon, a seafood stew and a seafood sampler were our final choices and satisfied our palates:

It was time to bid farewell to Olde Cape Cod and return home with beautiful race swag, medals, full and happy bellies and wonderful memories to kickoff a new decade of healing.

Team McManus is building a strong base with running, cross training and strength training because next month, we begin training for my 3rd CONSECUTIVE Bermuda Half Marathon and Team McManus' first endurance event since Boston 2009.

To going the distance with strength and courage!

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