Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Reclaim Advantage! Reclaim Life! When a run is so much more!

First let me say what a blessing and a gift it is to be able to do my core work and weighted clams and just head out the door on a run. I know in every fiber of my Being that this miracle of healing is brought about by the work I am doing with Jeffrey Spratt,MT who pioneered his very own method of muscular therapy that heals trauma and for me the effects of paralytic polio. It's the power of positive quality touch with love and compassion along with a touch of humor and playing trivial pursuit West Wing style!

When "they" told me in December of 2014 after a very serious knee injury that I would never run again, I was heartbroken. Running is my medicine, my therapy, my joy and my sangha (my tribe). I just knew I had to find a way to come back. I was so blessed to first meet Dr. Ryan Means, a chiropractor healer who reignited my belief in my body's capacity to heal and directed me to the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza. Jeffrey and Ryan made quite the team until Ryan moved to China to bring his gifts to the other side of the world.

The imprint he left on my heart, body, mind and soul remain and fuel my health and wellness journey!

It was the first temperate weather day in New England in a very long time. It seemed like the joyous bird songs were the accompaniment to everyone's run. We bumped into so many people we know from the running community.

It was one big party from Cleveland Circle down Beacon Street which just happens to be along the Boston Marathon route after the dreaded Heartbreak Hill. Whether runners were training for Boston or getting out to enjoy a run maintaining training for the next event, there was the spring in the step as Spring was in the air.

Our runner friends who we hadn't seen in awhile asked us about our trip and race to Bermuda. There's such a special feeling being able to recap and regale a race with good friends. We bumped into a friend who we thought might have had an injury. We hadn't seen her running in the neighborhood (she runs in all kinds of weather) and then saw her running at a slower pace. She stopped to chat with us and shared with us that yes in fact she was injured but she's back now. She wanted to hear all about the adventures of Team McManus in Bermuda.

One runner stopped me and asked me if I could help him schedule an appointment at Spratt Muscular Therapies. He had the same injury that his friend had who came to our practice and was able to run her Ultra and then came in for a recovery massage. I love mixing pleasure with business!

Tom and I had a great 5 mile run. One of our friend's had finished up her run but joined us for part of our run which was on the route to her going home.

What a joy that the warmer weather brought so many of our friends out on a Saturday morning to get their run on.

I'm working on my pace as we get ready for two 5K races coming up in April and May. I want to maintain my 5 mile distance while working on speed because next February Team McManus takes on the 40th Anniversary of the Hyannis Marathon Weekend. Oooh interestingly enough we will be celebrating our 40th Anniversary on 3/4th of next year.

I am so grateful and blessed that I can reclaim my advantage and reclaim my life at the age of 63 years old in the wake of having experienced paralytic polio and severe childhood trauma.

I am so grateful for the gift of running and the icing on the cake on last Saturday's run was that our run was so much more!

To your health and wellness!

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